What Can I Do

 What Can I Do?

The question I am asked the most these days is, “What Can I Do?”  Over the past 18 months, we have been in the whirlwind of COVID-19 with no end in sight in the immediate future.  People are frustrated, concerned, overwhelmed, and inundated with contradictory information that seems to be floating around.  Many live in a constant state of worry, stress and fear. All these responses to the current world situation adds to the collective of emotions described above which often renders the feelings of helplessness.

Micro Level – Macro Level

What happens on the micro level (our reality, our space) happens on the macro level (the world space).  The saying ‘as above, so below, as within so without as the universe, so the soul…” (Hermes Trismegist) reminds us of that.  Crisis moves us outside our scope of the microcosm.  Our focus shifts to the world view and the magnitude of events taking place in the macrocosm.  When this continues for any length of time, overwhelm sets in. The fear and chaos of the collective filters down into our personal lives taking toll on all layers and levels of our being: emotional, mental, physical and spiritual.

Clean the Windows – Get A New Perspective

The solution is to clean the windows – get a new perspective.  Narrow your focus from the wider world to what is happening around you. Focus on your reality, what you can do to make your life more balanced or to find your peace.  Find ways to be active within the community.  Watch the news less.  I get the headlines on my phone so I can pick and choose what I want to read or put my attention into.

Shift The Fear

If we can shift the fear or the emotional reactions to become proactive in our responding, we have a different experience.  The stress hormones reduce and the endorphins release.  These neurotransmitters act to increase feelings of pleasure and well-being.  They also work to reduce pain and discomfort.

Keep it Simple

When we keep it simple, shifting the collective is not as difficult as we think.  It begins with us and the everyday things we do.  We are a part of the larger whole, so when we shift how we feel, what we are experiencing, how we are doing things (micro level), it shifts the collective (macro level).  The more we experience well-being, satisfaction and a sense of purpose, the more the collective shifts. 

Simple Suggestions

Here are a few simple suggestions that can impact your life, your community, and the world. I am sure you will think of many more as you look at the list and realize how easy it can be.

Take 10 Minutes Every Day To Send Blessings

  • Bless the Water (see this newsletter on the impact of blessing the water)
  • Bless the Land – bringing in the higher vibrational light into your space, your community, your city, your country or the world. Use your intention and envision this light going to all the places of need.
  • Send Kindness into the world. I often sit on the swing for 10 minutes in the afternoons, open my heart and send kindness to the city I live in. See people who need it most receiving this kindness. 

Being Grateful and Having Gratitude. 

Being grateful and having gratitude puts the focus on what we have and not what we have not. 

Bring beauty into your environmentLilies and Roses

Bring beauty into your environment both indoors and out – nature, flowers, art.  Be creative and make something, paint and hang your painting. Feed the birds.  I have window feeders.  They bring so much joy.

Connecting to nature

Connecting to nature ground us in our bodies.  When we are in fear, we are not in the body but stuck somewhere in the energy field or light channel. The Earth element gives us our bodies, the container for our fire – our consciousness and awareness.  It connects us to all living things.  Water refreshes and revitalizes.  The air is our breath and causes the trees and plants to dance as it flows around and through them.  Connecting to nature is nourishing to our soul.

Find joy in the simple pleasures of every day

Notice the flowers, or the birds or the trees.  Take time to look at the stars. 

Declutter and Donate

You will be surprised how much lighter you feel.  Maybe some of those things you no longer need could be of use or value to someone else. 

Do Your Shadow Work

What you hold, holds you.  The more you heal and integrate the shadow, the less you are triggered by the fear of what is happening around you. 

Live in the Present Moment

Stop and smell the flowers along the way.  That short pause to notice the goodness around you releases a lot of stress. 

Thinking of the past causes depression.  You cannot change yesterday.  Acknowledge the wrong decisions that you may feel guilty about. Claim the lessons learned from those past experiences so you no longer have to have them again.  Forgive yourself then make new decisions that will allow you to live in the present moment and move you into the future.

Worrying about tomorrow causes anxiety.  Even with the best intentions, we do not know what tomorrow will bring.  It is best to deal with it when it comes.  If our focus is in the future, we are not living in the present moment – we miss it and all that moment held for us.

Don’t Engage With The Beehive Mind

Choose what you watch, what you engage with and be intentional about it. Is it uplifting?  Does it make you laugh?  Is it for my highest good? 

Do Things that Give You Joy

I love to see the hummingbirds come to the feeders.  They represent joy.  What gives you joy?

Pay It Forward

The number of crisis or emergency session requests has escalated 100 fold.  If you are in position to help others with their healing then consider contributing to a Pay-It-Forward program that assists those in need.  Rose Energetics offers such a program to assist others in need.  Learn More here

Participate in Programs That Support Your Personal Growth and Well-Being or Support Humanitarian Needs

Dig Deep and the Navajo Project- Water to Indigenous Communities in the US Learn More here.

Charity Water – brings fresh water to 3rd world countries along with the educational technology to support the community. Learn more here. 

Charity Navigator – lists the top ranked 15 charities to help out. Learn More here.

 Join Healing Circles and be part of a larger community. Rose Energetics offers Circles every two weeks.  Learn More here or see below.

Keep it Simple.Enjoy what you are doing in the now and soon these things become the norm of your everyday.  What you do encourages others to find their way, their joy, the simplicity and wonder of the moment of now.  That shifts the fear. That brings hope.  That renews our spirit.  That changes the world.  Young, old, rich or not so rich.  There is always something we can do to make today just a little better – for yourself and this world.  Are you asking, ‘What Can I Do?’

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