Meet Katie Rose

Soul Alchemist – A Catalyst for  Human Growth and Potential.  Assisting humanity in the evolution of consciousness and the embodiment of Soul.

Founder of Quantum Sound Therapy & Quantum Intentions.

Grid Master – Assisting the Planetary Field in the evolution of  consciousness in working with the crystalline planetary grid structures.

Vibrational Sound Therapy Certified Practitioner, VSTCP – Vibrational Sound Association

Certified Biofield Tuning® Practitioner (Vibrational Sound Therapy)

Certified Advanced Practitioner: Soul Realignment® (Akashic Records) 

I love what I do. Assisting people as they liberate and activate their human potential and grow exponentially is my life mission. The opportunity to create a safe, nurturing space for people to experience this growth as they clear old patterns, envision new beginnings, birth themselves anew, replenish their weary souls or to realize their full potential is both an honour and a joy.

Growth can be realized through the various modalities offered, all designed to bring the body, biofield, and soul into harmony and balance.

Everything is energy. Nicola Tesla, often called the ‘father of energy’ is quoted as saying “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy,  frequency and vibration.

Quantum Sound Therapy identifies the energies in the body that are non-resonant, energies that are restricting and blocking your full human potential. These energies can be transformed back to their original state of light and re-integrated into the body creating flow, harmony, resiliency and synchronicity. It can shift old patterns, thoughts and mental constructs into life force energy, opening one to expanded self-awareness and transformation.

You live better – sleep better – perform better.  

My Journey

My life has been one of constant growth and change, challenge and rediscovery. These have honed my ability to assist others in their journey of life, be it developing a deeper awareness of self, discovering one’s path and purpose or experiencing the joy and flow of life.   

I have been a soul seeker since my earliest remembering, dedicated to the growth and development of human potential and to finding or developing avenues for the evolution of human consciousness.  While I experienced these avenues on a personal level, my work is dedicated to the greater service of humankind. The transformational avenues I experienced are now offered to you. 

We are in amazing times as both the planet and humanity are evolving consciously; deeper connections are being forged between the two and we are now able to embody our amazing Soul.  Please join me on this amazing discovery and journey of life.

All offerings honour your Sovereignty in a co-creative space.  Each session holds the intention ‘ for your highest light and resonance, deepest clearing and transformation’ . What you experience is guided by your Higher Self and Guide Teams and a result of the Intentions you set for each session. In this way, you remain sovereign throughout every experience.


Other Life Experiences:

Trauma Services Specialist

Grief Facilitator

Palliative Care Specialist


College Professor

These experiences and specialties have given me a deep understanding of human relationships and human potential.  They allow me to meet people in the present moment and assist them as they take the next steps in life be it in recovery, personal development or the journey of the Soul.


I am a wife, mother and grandmother.  I draw and paint occasionally.  Nature, especially trees, the beautiful whales of ancient knowledge and wisdom and horses hold a special place in my heart. 

I love to fly.  The experience of gliding, fixed wing navigation and volunteering for civil air search and rescue as a crew member has broadened my perspective on life.  Experiencing the gift of ‘flight’ on one of my glider runs was transformational at soul level, something I have yet to find words that can fully describe.

After a serious accident and the loss of 4 significant family members in less than 4 months, I gained personal experience in ptsd, recovery and living a life of purpose and gratitude.  I also discovered my own human potential.   The services I offer have impacted my own life in profound and life changing ways. 

My professional experience and my family’s global service to military and police professions gives me firsthand understanding of the culture, the challenges and the lack of support experienced by Hospital Staff, Medical Teams, EMS, Military, Police and First Responders

Please see the home page for my offer in gratitude to these professions. Bottom of Page.


Worldwide distance sessions and consultations by Zoom or by phone (USA only) in the safety and privacy of your own home. Vibrational Sound In-Person Sessions are now available in Killeen, TX.

“Liberate & Activate Your Human Potential”

Biofield Tuning