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‘Quantum  Circle of Light’ ℠ 

‘Quantum Circle of Light’

Quantum Circle

‘Quantum Circle of Light’℠ meets during at times major energetic opportunities: gateways, eclipses, solstice, equinoxes to clear and transmute non-resonant energies and embody Soul Presence.  Working in our own container of sacred space, we come together as a group to work with the energies ready for clearing.  Using sacred geometry, our Soul Light and personal intentions, we are able to work in the quantum field of all possibilities or to take a shamanic journey to the inner realms of deeper understanding fully supported by each other, our personal guide teams, our galactic families and Gaia

All are welcome

$22. (USD) 

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Now Available

Sound and Circle

Group Sound and Circle Bundles of 3, 6, 12 Sessions.

Purchase any bundle and you can choose from Quantum Circle of Light Sessions or Biofield Group Sessions.

New Sessions will be added on a regular basis for you to choose from.

3 Sessions $58.50 (USD)

6 Sessions $111.00 (USD)

12 Sessions $198.00 (USD)

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