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Journey Reflections

The most profound thing I find with Katie Rose is not just her beautiful healing energy but her deep wisdom.  She has such a ‘divine knowledge’ that shines through her with such generosity and truth.  Her sessions are incredibly clearing and eye-opening  and will take you as deep as you want to go or are ready for.
Katie provides such a safe space for everything and anything to happen.  You are always in such gentle and safe hands with Katie. I am in such appreciation of who she is and all she does for humanity.
Katie, thank you, thank you, thank you!
- Victoria Webby

Tasmania, Australia

“I recommend Biofield Tuning (Vibrational Sound Healing) with Katie Rose to anyone wanting a gentle healing therapy that not only dives deeply into the root of pain and energy blocks but also strengthens your light and connection in this world. Katie Rose is so encouraging and gentle as she guides you through this amazing vibrational process helping you recognize and understand areas in which you might need some awareness and releasing. I could feel the powerful shifts as she moved from the earth to the heavens within my body helping me feel more grounded, relaxed and aware of my spiritual light. Thank you Katie Rose for your loving heart and gentle healing!”
- Raven Many Voices

Seattle, Washington

“I feel so different. A background negativity /anxiety is gone. It is amazing to feel purely of soul presence without the agitating background noise feeling I have been living with my whole life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart ! Blessings”
- Celia D.

Brookings, OR

Katie has been instrumental in my expansion and awareness through her use of the Soul Realignment method (Akashic Record Reading) and her intuitive connections. She has helped me clarify issues and situations in my own life which, in turn, has allowed me to deepen my offerings to clients. The work she does is clear, concise, and yet opens the doors to so much more of myself and my possibilities. It is well worth the time and effort to make an appointment with Katie.

- Shirley H.

Sedona, AZ

“Soul Realignment (Akashic Record Reading) with Katie was beyond extraordinary. Katie is a beautiful angelic soul, kind, thoughtful and a heart centred healer. I was very fortunate when our paths crossed and for the opportunity to receive a detailed reading which resulted in a profound healing experience. It was comforting to know about myself so intimately, at a soul level and to be guided through a journey on how to align with my higher self; to gain a better understanding on my soul vibration; who I was are as an individual; to have a clearer understanding of where I have come from and why I choose to come here was life changing. So profound that I was guided to have soul realignment for my partner and children. Katie provided detailed reports that I often refer to and has given our family so many insights to our soul’s path and purpose. Katie is authentic. She provided the framework for us to heal and align with our soul’s path and purpose. If you are looking for quality service from a high vibrational healer, I highly recommend Katie Rose!

– Larni M.

NT, Australia

“Unequivocally, having Katie read my Akashic Record (Soul Realignment) was one of, if not the most, pivotal points in my spiritual journey. It revealed so much about myself and explained many of the ‘why’s’ that plagued me. A lifetime of therapy could never have uncovered nor explained as much as what one Akashic Reading (Soul Realignment) did. Katie took the time to make sure I understood all the backstory and intricacies of the information she uncovered. She followed-up with exercises to further cement the process, many I continue to this day because they are so helpful. With Katie’s extensive and eclectic background, her warm and caring persona helped ease the work of clearing and healing. The Akashic Record Reading (Soul Realignment) was key to unlocking the many mysteries of who I am, where I’ve been and where I’m headed, and rolled out the red carpet for my Path of Ascension.”

- Kathy C

New Mexico

“My Akashic Record Reading (Soul Realignment) with Katie gave me hope and inspired me to continue on my path, while being mindful of the potential available to me. Katie has an amazing gift to impart knowledge and insight, while at the same time empowering others to see they hold all of the power within and guiding them to their own special, unique gifts. I’ll be forever grateful for her support and friendship on my journey.”

– Allyson Z.



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