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"Liberate & Activate Your Human Potential"

Liberate and Activate Your Human Potential!

… de-stress … be more resilient

… experience the flow of life

… perform better

… have clarity, focus and a sense of purpose

… respond rather than react

… be in a place of empowerment not fear

… experience your greatest self!

You are in the right place!

Rose Energetics offers a wide array of services to assist in harmonizing, rebalancing and restoring coherence to the body, and biofield (subtle energy field).   


The offerings here have helped many in overcoming


… trauma or grief

… ancestral patterns

… core wounds

… struggles in moving forward

… limiting beliefs

… fatigue, brain fog and more



The Basis of Services, Sessions & Offerings

This is a co-creative space where your sovereignty is honoured in all my services, sessions, and offerings.  My role is to hold a safe space in which you can discover who you are at Soul level; help you bring in a higher vibrational aspect of your Self; and assist you in clearing and healing.  I do not use, invoke, imbed, encode my unique soul signature into my services, sessions or offerings.  My intention for each session is ‘only for your highest light and resonance’ resulting in Soul Sourced Sovereignty and a deeper connection to your Higher Self. What you experience is guided by your Higher Self and Guide Teams and a result of the Intentions you set for each session.  In this way, you remain sovereign throughout every experience.  More about Katie here.

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Biofield Tuning

Vibrational Sound Therapy

Soul Realignment

Property Realignment

Healing Circles

Child Soul Profiles for Parents

Quantum Access