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Ever Wonder…….

Who you are at Soul level?

How to connect to your Soul gifts?

Why you have difficulty moving forward in life?

What holds you back from living your Soul Purpose?

Soul Realignment

helps one discover who you are at Soul Level

… the strengths and challenges at a Soul Level

… the connection we have with our Higher Self

… the blocks and restrictions to living your soul purpose

… insight into negative patterns, beliefs, thoughts and emotions

… how choices impact our life

… past life impact on present lifetime

… soul and vibrational field frequencies.

Soul Realignment

gives one

Tools to clear the blocks and restrictions

The ability to move into one’s full potential

A clearer understanding of one’s true self

An understanding of your gifts and how to apply them

The ability to break free from limiting patterns and restricting beliefs, make positive choices and stay on track

To be in alignment with our Divine Soul Blueprint.

To increase one’s vibrational field frequency

To have more vital force energy – chi, prana

To find what sparks a light in you

These are a few possibilities with a

Soul Realignment Basic


Soul Realignment Package

(tools to assist Starseeds in the Ascension Process)

Working with Katie

Step 1.
Register for a Basic Soul Realignment or a Soul Realignment Package (Akashic Reading)

Step 2.
Your Basic Session allows you to choose from all of the Soul Realignment Next Steps

Step 3. 
Live your full potential

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Your thoughts begin it,

your emotions amplify it

& your actions increase its momentum.


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Albert Einstein

Change your Vibration –
Change your Life

The Basis Of Services, Sessions and Offerings

This is a co-creative space where the Universal Law of Sovereignty is honoured in all my services, sessions, and offerings.  Each of us is a sovereign being responsible for self-sovereignty.  My role is to hold a safe space in which you can discover who you are at Soul level; help you bring in a higher vibrational aspect of your Self; and assist you in clearing and healing.  I do not use, invoke, imbed, encode my unique soul signature into my services, sessions or offerings.  My intention for each session is ‘only for your highest light and resonance.’  What you experience is guided by your Higher Self and Guide Teams and a result of the Intentions you set for each session.  In this way, you remain sovereign throughout every experience.

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