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'Soul Centred Offerings 

For A Soul Purposed Life'© 

Quantum Access®

… deep healing from core
wounds, ancestral patterns, trauma

… clear blocks and restrictions

… break free from limiting patterns and  restricting beliefs

…move into one’s full potential

… open communication with higher self

… be in alignment with one’s
Divine Soul Blueprint

Dealing With…


… trauma or grief

… ancestral patterns

… core wounds

… struggles in moving forward

… limiting beliefs

Quantum Access or Soul Realignment

assists in clearing, healing and transforming at a deep Soul level. 


Soul Realignment®

... clarity and discernment 

... identify and clear limiting beliefs, patterns, blocks to healing and living your life's potential

... learn who you are at Soul level and identifying your Soul Purpose

... be empowered to create your future 

Soul Realignment®

Certified Practitioner – Advanced Level

The Basis Of Services, Sessions and Offerings

This is a co-creative space where your sovereignty is honoured in all my services, sessions, and offerings.  My role is to hold a safe space in which you can discover who you are at Soul level; help you bring in a higher vibrational aspect of your Self; and assist you in clearing and healing.  I do not use, invoke, imbed, encode my unique soul signature into my services, sessions or offerings.  My intention for each session is ‘only for your highest light and resonance’ resulting in Soul Sourced Sovereignty and a deeper connection to your Higher Self. What you experience is guided by your Higher Self and Guide Teams and a result of the Intentions you set for each session.  In this way, you remain sovereign throughout every experience.  More about Katie here.

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Quantum Access 

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