Quantum Sound Therapy

Your body is a Living Symphony!

“only when an instrument is properly tuned can it make beautiful music”

Life Experiences

Life experiences can bring us joy or add to our stress.  Each one has their own type of energy.  Joyful experiences – are lighter energetically with shorter waves.  In contrast, challenging experiences hold more dense energy forming longer waves. We store these experiences/waves in our bodies and biofields across our lifetime. The more challenging experiences create dissonance or disharmony acting like circuit breakers disrupting the flow of energy and light through our bodies.

Life events act as identification markers that show up as resistance, density, pain or triggers (charged energy).  Subsequently, this impacts the way we function in and respond to life situations.  It can disrupt cognitive flow, our vitality inner harmony and consciousness. We become fatigued, stressed, irritable, overwhelmed and unable to cope with the chaos and challenges life presents.

Quantum Sound Therapy utilizes Quantum energy and Tuning Forks to alchemize triggers found in the human energy field transforming them back to their original state of life force energy.  This energy is returned to the Central Channel where it flows strengthening your energetic boundaries, creating resiliency and coherence in the body and biofield.  Crystal bowls or Therapeutic Himalayan Singing Bowls and other sound tools are added to the sessions to provide a unique sound experience.  

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  Biofield Tuning


Biofield Tuning

 Biofield Tuning

The pure acoustic frequency of tuning forks diminishes and resolves dissonance, relieving stress and emotional triggers.  This increases our resiliency, restores harmony, coherence/resonance and opens our human potential as we relax the Central Nervous System and increase the energetic vitality and flow, and restore harmony and coherence with and within yourself.  

Vibrational Sound

As a result, physical, mental and emotional symptoms can be eliminated.  The nervous system calms so we can respond to situations and not be as triggered.  We navigate the chaos and challenges of life with clarity, balance and vitality.  We sleep better, live better and perform better.

 Biofield Tuning Distant Sessions – Zoom

The power of Biofield Tuning delivered worldwide in the comfort of your own home via Zoom.

75 Minutes – $125. (USD)

Scheduling for Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and Eastern Asia clients

75 Minutes – $125. (USD)

Bundle and Save on Individual Sessions

Save when you purchase Packages 3 or 6 Sessions for Quantum Sound Therapy or Biofield Tuning.

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Holographic Voice PrintHolographic Voice Prints

Your voice reflects the details of your health.  The voice print captures the frequencies of each emotion, organ, gland and biological system creating a holographic image of your energy system, identifying imbalances and areas in need of support. Discover your individual frequencies and how you can restore balance and harmony through the healing power of sound.  An invaluable, non-invasive, diagnostic tool!

$75. (USD)

Available September 2022

Vibrational Sound


Vibrational Sound through the use of Therapeutic Himalayan Singing Bowls breaks the normal cycles of thought allowing one to experience a deep restful state.

The vibration of the bowls reduces   the physical, mental and emotional symptoms of stress, calm the nervous system, reduce brain fog, digestive disorders, insomnia, depression.  Sleep patterns improve, our immune system enhances, our circulation is stimulated.  These and many other postive changes result in coherence, balance and resiliency.

Be in the flow of life.  Live your full potential.

These sessions are offered in-person only.  Biofield Tuning sessions have the option to add Himalayan Singing Bowls or Crystal Bowls should you wish to experience both.

60 Minutes – $85. (USD) 


Gift Certificates can be purchased for Sound & Circle Sessions, Replays or in increments of $50.or $100. to use on most services.

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