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Biofield Tuning Sound Sessions

Biofield TuningBiofield TuningBiofield Tuning

Vibrational Sound Sessions



 ‘live your full potential’

Biofield Tuning is a form of Vibrational Sound. It uses the pure energy of specific energetic frequencies. This results in the restoration of harmony (coherence) and balance to our bodies and biofields.

 ‘sleep better, live better, perform better’

Life Experiences

Life experiences have their own type of energy.  As an example, joyful experiences – are lighter energetically with shorter waves.  In contrast, challenging experiences hold more dense energy forming longer waves. We store these experiences/waves in our bodies and biofields.  The more challenging experiences create dissonance or disharmony.  Moreover, they act like circuit breakers disrupting the flow of energy and light through our bodies.  Subsequently, this impacts the way we function in and respond to life situations.

Life events act as identification markers that show up as resistance, density, pain or triggers (charged energy).  Consequently, they create incoherent wave forms of dissonance within our bodies and biofields.  As a result, we are fatigued, stressed, irritable and overwhelmed by the chaos and challenges life presents.


 Watch a short video on Biofield Tuning here.

Biofield Tuning

The pure tones of Vibrational Sound through the use of Biofield Tuning Forks diminishes and resolves dissonance, relieving stress and emotional triggers.  This increases our resiliency, restores harmony, coherence/resonance and with and within ourselves.


Vibrational Sound

As a result, physical, mental and emotional symptoms can be eliminated.  The nervous system calms so we can respond to situations and not be as triggered.  We navigate the chaos and challenges of life with clarity, balance and vitality.  We sleep better, live better and perform better.


Be in the flow of life.  Live your full potential

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Group Sessions

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Sound and Circle

Sound and Circle Bundles of 3, 6, 12 Sessions.

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3 Sessions $58.50 (USD)

6 Sessions $111.00 (USD)

12 Sessions $198.00 (USD)

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