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Causes of a Weak Energy Boundary (Biofield or Aura)

Following the article on the ‘Human Energy Field’, this discusses the ‘Causes of a Weak Energy Boundary’ (Biofield or Aura).

The Edge of the Biofield (Aura/Subtle Energy Field)

The biofield has a double layer membrane forming its outer edge.  This membrane is made from light or bioplasma designed to protect the biofield and the body from the negative energies that we encounter daily.  It creates the container for our energetic field, our light.  When this membrane is thin, weakened or fractured, our overall health and well-being suffers.  Our energy loses it’s vibrancy and resiliency.  We are triggered more easily by daily challenges.

 Outside Influences

  • EMF influences and fluctuations: cellphones, technology, microwaves, radio waves.
  • Solar Flares/CME’s and Magnetic Field Shifting.
  • International Air Travel – where the earth has different grid systems or hemispheres.
  • Toxins and Heavy Metals from our environment and the food we eat.

The external influences weaken our biofield edge impacting the internal flow of energy in the central channel where our chakras, meridian and arteries are found.  We can lose our grounding.  When we are ungrounded, we can experience anxiety and imbalance in the flow of our energies horizontally and vertically.  It can disturb sleep.  We can feel light headed. When the biofield edge is strong, the central channel is strong and vice versa.  One fuels the other.

 Internal Factors

  • Daily Stress
  • Negative Emotions: Grief, Depression, Guilt, Shame, Loneliness
  • Pharmaceuticals, drugs, alcohol
  • Physical stress, shock or traumatic experiences
  • Surgery (cutting into the body)

Besides water, our body is made of light. Internal responses to outside experiences and events can cause a high emission of light (biophotons) out of the body into the biofield.  When we are in a calm or meditative state, very few biophotons are emitted out of the body into the biofield.  In situations of stress or challenge, we emit large or intense amounts of biophotons into the biofield where they can accumulate over a period of time.

 Similar to Trees

Similar to the age rings in trees,  we too accumulate the data of our life in layers.  The accumulated biophotons from birth are closest to the biofield edge.  The biophotons released today, are closest to the physical body.

This means the unresolved emotions from birth, childhood and our teenage years are closest to the biofield edge.  This edge is bombarded daily with negative energies that can trigger the emotional wounding and responses from these stages in our life.  Additionally, it weakens the biofield edge, depletes our resiliency, coherence and energies.  When the edge (boundary) is weakened we can experience intense triggering and additional releasing of biophotons into the biofield.

Biofield Tuning

Biofield Tuning is a Vibrational Sound Modality that uses the pure acoustic sounds of tuning forks set to specific frequencies.  They mirror any dissonance the body is emitting, back to itself so the body can begin correcting itself.  At the same time, the fork sends the tone of balanced rhythm back to the body so the body can reset it’s own frequency. Part of this reset assists in calming the central nervous system which relaxes and calms the body.

Thirdly, the forks also act like a magnet, picking up the emitted biophotons that are out in the biofield and the practitioner brings them back into the body.  They are  integrated into the central channel (energetic flow) of the body which strengthens both the central channel and the biofield edge.  The strengthened boundary allows for a decrease in the reactions to external energetic triggers.  You are able to maintain your own light within flowing and fueling your own energetic requirements.

Biofield Tuning establishes coherence in the body and the biofield without adding additional ‘electrical interference’ to the process. We are grounded deep into the Earth and our connection to Source Light is open.  Our clarity, cognition, focus and energy improve as does our overall health and well-being.

A noticeable difference can be experienced after 1-3 sessions.  It is an incredible tool to use on a regular basis to maintain and improve your frequency, reset your adrenals or to stay on top of your game.

 Comments I Receive

A subtle but very powerful modality.

I feel so much lighter.

The physical pain is gone.

I feel freer and sleep much better

My brain fog has cleared and I am functioning at work with greater clarity and less conflict.

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