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Quantum Sound Therapy Group Sessions

Every session focuses on strengthening the Energetic Flow and Auric Boundary to build resiliency and coherence in the body and biofield as well as an additional focus unique to each session.

Sessions are 75 – 90 minutes .  Being hydrated before the session is helpful as well as during the session.

2024 Dates

North America, Europe

Saturdays, May 18th, June 8th, July 20th, Aug 17th, Sept 7th.

Singapore, Australia, New Zealand

Sundays, May 19th, June 9th, July 21st, Aug 18th, Sept 8th

$22. (USD) 

All sessions are at 3pm Central Time (USA)

Check your timezone here.

Quantum Circle of Light

‘Quantum Circle of Light’℠ meets during times of major energetic opportunities: gateways, eclipses, solstice, equinoxes to clear and transmute non-resonant energies and embody Soul Presence.  Working in our own container of sacred space, we come together as a group to work with the energies ready for clearing.  Using sacred geometry, our Soul Light and personal intentions, we are able to work in the quantum field of all possibilities or to take a shamanic journey to the inner realms of deeper understanding fully supported by each other, out personal guide teams, our galactic families and Gaia.

Join Us in 2024: 

North America/Europe

Saturdays, May 4 (5-5 Gateway), June 22 (Solstice), July 6 (7-7 Gateway), Aug 8 (8-8 Gateway), Sept 21 (Equinox)

Australia, New Zealand, Singapore

Sundays, May 5 (5-5 Gateway), June 23 (Solstice), July 7 (7-7 Gateway), Aug 9 (8-8 Gateway), Sept 22 (Equinox)

All are welcome

These sessions are recorded and replays sent to all who register.

$22. (USD) 

All sessions are at 3pm Central Time (USA) 

Check your timezone here.

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Monthly Group Sound Session

see Quantum Sound Therapy Group Sessions above

3pm Central US Time

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