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Quantum Intentions

Private Sessions

A powerful, multi-dimensional modality bringing transformation at Soul Level.  Utilizing the Clarity, Guidance and Wisdom of the Higher Self; one’s personal intentions and the infinite possibilities of Quantum to identify, transmute and alchemize the challenges of life’s journey. We can liberate and activate our human potential, experience conscious evolution, and embody more of our Soul Light.  Sessions include  Akashic Record Work and Quantum Sound Therapy. 

Beginning the Journey Package (Initial Assessment & 2 additional sessions) $515. (USD)

For anyone beginning the journey of shadow work or in deep and unexpected crisis where an evaluation is required. One Evaluation Session – 120-150 minutes  & 2 90-minute Deepening Sessions. 50% off a Personal Property Realignment.

Individual Sessions – 90-minute Sessions $180. (USD)

For those on the journey or who have completed Soul Realignment

Packages of 3 sessions or Packages of 6 sessions also available

The Inner Child Connection

The Inner Child Connection session facilitates the reconnection to the Inner Child who is most often wounded and carrying emotional triggers of abandonment, hurt, pain, trauma, deception and more.  This session is the first steps to bringing resolution to these wounds.

  90 Minute Session $222. (USD)

Genetic Lineage

 Genetic Lineage De-Programming

De-Program from Ancestral, Genetic, & Generational Patterning.  Release Karmic Relationship Behaviours & Activate the 5D Relationship Template.   Unlock Parental Brainwave Entrainment. Reclaim your Sovereignty & Connect to Soul Lineage.

  90 Minute Session $222. (USD)


Energetic Deprogramming

A deep deprogramming and activation session. Deprograms Virtual Reality, AI Programming, Implants, Energetic Attachments and Interferences. Cancels Old Vows, Agreements, and Contracts.  Activates: Master Cell/Pineal, Soul Blueprint, and Establishes Soul Sovereignty.

90 Minute Session $222. (USD)

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