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Quantum Intentions

Mentoring Program

The Mentoring Program is offered for those who are wanting a personal one-on-one program where you can bring your questions, concerns or issues into a sacred container of light for discussion, to receive insights and knowledge, develop skills, and self-awareness, access resources, discern intuitive directions and set intentions for your Soul journey.

Using Sacred Geometry, we create a sacred container of light to do the work of Soul where we maintain our Sovereignty and receive clear direction from our Soul self. explore the options, set intentions and connect deeper with our Soul truth and purpose.  Includes an activation to embody Soul Light and Purpose.

One-on-One Sessions

60 minute session $150. (USD)

90 minute session $222. (USD)

The One-on-One Sessions offer the opportunity to do individual sessions or to work on a regular continuous basis. 

Mentoring Practitioner’s Program

If you are a practitioner assisting others, the Practitioner’s Mentoring Program is designed to keep you balanced, prevent burnout, learn new skills in helping yourself that you can use to help others.  Contact Katie for more information – email  or book a complimentary consultation – links are below.

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