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We have been navigating some crazy waters in these past months.  Keeping our energy and the energy around us clean and clear is of greatest importance in these times.  As we seek to find the centre point of balance – non-polarity in the midst of riots, pandemics and the ‘Great Awakening’ of humanity, I offer this information for your highest light and reflection.  May you stay safe and be well. Katie

The Importance of Property Realignment

Today, the land where you live may be classified as residential or commercial but it still carries the energetic signatures of those who previously lived and experienced many events on that land.

Property accumulates various types of energy over its lifetime.  It may have been a battleground, sacred site, an enslavement site or a burial ground at some point in time.  It may have been an ancient ceremonial or gathering centre.

It is not uncommon for previous inhabitants to remain energetically connected to family homesteads or estates after they have deceased.  These energies often interfere with the current inhabitants in a negative manner.

When we are seeking to purchase a new residence or rent a new apartment,  we are  attracted to properties that align with our current vibrational level and carry similar energies to what we are experiencing whether that is negative or positive.  The energies of previous inhabitant or events can often be deterrents for potential buyers or renters of the property.

People actively working on self-improvement, spiritual development or Ascension are continuously changing their energetic level and auric vibration.  They may love the location of their home but find it not as uplifting as it once was. Property Realignment identifies existing influences and clears them allowing the property to align to the ‘new’ energy of the inhabitant.

Who Should Have A Property Realignment?

Anyone who owns or is financially responsible for a piece of property can request an energetic clearing of the land.  Financial responsibility includes: any owner of a property residential or commercial; any renter or lessee of a property residential or commercial; any agent assigned by an owner, renter or lessee such as a real estate agent.  It is beneficial if you are selling a property to have it clean and clear, in a state of neutrality before putting it on the market.

How It Is Done

The history of the property is accessed, cleared and realigned directly in the Akashic Records of the property.  There is no requirement to be physically present on the property to do clearings.  They can be done by distance, anywhere in the world.

A report is sent to the person requesting the Property Realignment identifying the items cleared from the land.  Occasionally, insights or historical information is gleaned during the Realignment.   This information is added into the report for the information of the owner.

My own property realignment resulted in peace, serenity and a deeper sense of this being my ‘home’.


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