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Property Realignment

Property Realignment


The Importance of Property Realignment

Like humans, property accumulates various types of energy over time.  The energy comes from the various inhabitants of the property or from events that took place on the land over thousands of years.  Considering that the planet is millions of years old, the land on which we are living can be impacting us in profound and negative ways.

It may have been a battleground, sacred site or a burial ground, an enslavement site at some point in time.  Those energies remain in the land  even though currently it is for residential or commercial use.

In some cases where trauma, enslavement, torture, oppression, victimization or deep loss has occurred, the land absorbs and holds that energy.  These energies have a cumulative, negative impact on those who live on that land, even thousands of years later.

It is not uncommon for previous inhabitants, now deceased, (Earthbound Souls) to remain connected to family homesteads or estates.  These energies often interfere with the current inhabitants in a negative manner and can disrupt building plans and progress.

When looking for a a home or property on which to build, we are attracted to properties that align with our current vibrational level and carry similar energies to what we are experiencing.  Certain energies can be deterrents for potential buyers or renters of the property.  

If you are wanting to attract potential buyers for property you have for resale, then a property clearing raises the energetic vibration of the land and can attract potential buyers with similar vibrational frequencies.

As the inhabitants of a property grow vibrationally, they often find themselves misaligned to their property.  They may love the location of their home but find it not as uplifting as it once was. Many chose to find a new location more in alignment with their energy when a property realignment could resolve the issue.

Property Realignment identifies existing influences and clears them allowing the property to align to the ‘new’ energy of the inhabitant or to a place of neutrality for potential buyers.

Who Can Request a Property Realignment?

Anyone who owns or is financially responsible for a piece of property can request an energetic clearing of the land.

Financial responsibility includes: any owner of a property residential or commercial; any renter or lessee of a property residential or commercial; any agent assigned by an owner, renter or lessee such as a real estate agent, lawyer or property manager.

Clearing rental property or property for sale can attract ideal renters and buyers who are truly interested in your property. It is beneficial to have it clean and clear before putting it on the market.

How it Works

The history of the property is accessed in the Akashic Records of the property stored in the Quantum Field so there is no requirement to be physically present on the property to do clearings.  It is cleared and realigned directly in the Akashic Records.  A report is sent to the person requesting the Property Alignment identifying the items cleared from the land.  Occasionally, insights or historical information is gleaned during the Realignment.   This information is added into the report for the information of the owner.

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Disclaimer:  While having a property realignment clears the land of the negative influences and benefits the owners or renters, it does not guarantee sale, lease or rental of that property.

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