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Soul Realignment Sessions and Bundles

Soul Realignment Next Steps

All options below are based on having completed the Basic or The Soul Realignment Package.  Contact Katie in  to answer questions on these services or to receive your direct booking link in the scheduler.

Advanced Reading: For those who have purchased the Basic Reading. This includes Soul Specializations, Life Themes, Expanded Blocks and Restrictions.  Learn what you have specialized in between incarnations, and what we have chosen to experience in this lifetime. Checks for  Imprints, Beliefs, Illusions, Hooks/Cords, Environmental Interference and to what extent you are connected to your Higher Self.  ($175 USD.) Included in the Soul Realignment Package

Life Situation Reading reveals root causes of what you are creating in your life and how to move forward or bring resolution to this situation.  May involve clearing and the 21 day clearing protocol. Also see Relationship Reading ($175 USD)

Spirit Guide Profile Reading – Each of us has a personal team of Spirit Guides.  Learn who they are; their characteristics and the role they serve on your team.  Sometimes they even share their names. ($200 USD)

Chakra Analysis Reading – reveals existing imbalances in the chakra channel and how it affects the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels of our energy field and the level these imbalances exist on.  ($125 USD)

Relationship Reading: – discover compatibility with or possible pitfalls with another person. Helpful for parents in understanding children in their journey.  Adults ($200 USD)

Next Level Clearing: – After integrating the initial Soul Realignment, additional area of non-resonance may arise for clearing.This addresses the areas of non-resonance available for clearing. A period of 3-6 months from initial reading is  suggested before having a Next Level Clearing.  ($150 USD)

Manifesting Blueprint: Discover the unique ways you manifest at a soul level.  This is a comparative process based on seven attributes and the percentage of each attribute held by your soul. ($150 USD)

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Soul Realignment


Basic Soul Realignment Soul Profile, Blocks and Restrictions, Clearing Requests ($275 USD) (2 hours)

Note: the clearing process in the Basic Package is done by the client. The practitioner sets the intentions in the Akashic Records and provides the client with the clearing requests that they are required to read for 21 consecutive days in order to activate them in the Akashic Records.

The Ultimate Bundle – Advanced Soul Realignment This package includes the Basic Package, the Additional Blueprint Information (Soul Specializations, Life Themes, Area of Master, Connection to Higher Self), Additional Blocks and Restrictions: Imprints, Beliefs, Hooks/Cords, Virtual Reality Programming, and Extended Implants. The clearing process is done directly in the Akashic Records with the Practitioner and two separate 60 minute clearing sessions take it to a deeper level. This eliminates the process of the client reading the clearing requests for 21 consecutive days. A complimentary property reading is included in this package. Package Value ($900) Book now ($420 USD) (2 1/2 hours) plus 2 hours of clearing sessions

This package is very helpful for Starseeds, Lightworkers, Gridkeepers etc. .

If you decline the property clearing as part of this package, you may keep it for a later time for this property or for another one should you relocate. It is complimentary so no reduction in package price should you choose to decline this.

Soul Realignment for Children

Soul Profiles for Children – Children born in the past few decades have special gifts and needs. Knowing the Soul Profile of your children can assist you in parenting skills to bring forth their gifts and address their needs in a healthy and productive way. ($125 USD) Additional Children ($90 USD)  This is Soul Profile only.  There is no clearing in this option.  See Soul Realignment for Children below.

Soul Realignment for Children (up to 12 yrs of age)

Same information as the Ultimate Bundle for Adults (no property clearing). The parent does the clearing with the practitioner in the presentation session and one additional clearing session. ($250 USD) 

For children 13-18, contact Katie. Email Link below


NOTE: If you have completed the soul realignment process with another practitioner, you do not need to do the packages offered above.  Book a complimentary consultation to discuss NEXT STEPS.

For further information on Soul Realignment, click here.

All Soul Realignment offerings include a detailed print out of reading, a great reference tool and not usually provided by practitioners. The Soul Realignment Advanced Package and Ultimate Bundle, designed to assist Starseeds, Lightworkers and Gridkeepers, includes additional information unique to Rose Energetics: Field Vibrational Rates, Soul Embodiment Percentages, Psychic Interferences, and where available Galactic and other Earthly Incarnational information. This offers a deeper understanding of what one has accomplished and where we may grow in the future.

Soul Realignment® 

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