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What is Soul Realignment?

In Soul Realignment, one discovers the truth of their Divine Nature; blocks and restrictions to living that truth or patterns that keep us stuck in limiting situations or from living abundantly.  Based on the wisdom of the Akashic Records, Soul Realignment is designed to empower us, and bring us into alignment with our Soul Purpose.

When we are in a state of alignment, there is a natural flow of vital force energy through us from Source and a deeper connection to our Higher Self and Spirit Guide Teams.  This alignment occurs through understanding our past choices and genetic influences.  Clearing and releasing ‘blocks and restrictions’ opens new possibilities on our Path of Light; gives understanding of who we are at Soul Level and access to our Soul’s unique gifts. This state of alignment or ‘flow’ allows us to manifest our intentions and unfold our Path of Light – Divine Soul Blueprint.

Soul Realignment is like having a compass that brings us to our Soul’s true path; one that taps into our Divine Light while surrounding us with an amazing team of Spiritual Advisors and access to the unlimited creative resources of the Universe.

“Created by Andrrea Hess in 2007, Soul Realignment® is a highly specific, cohesive system of accessing information within the Akashic Records. At the heart of Soul Realignment® is the principle that we are the Divine creators of our own experience, through free will and choice.  This principle is inherent in all aspects of this work, and empowers clients to take full responsibility for all their experiences, knowing that it is within our power to create whatever life is desire.” (Excerpt from Soul Realignment, Andrrea Hess)

What is the Basic Session?

The Basic Session outlines the Soul Profile and identifies blocks and restrictions that are coming up at the current time for releasing.  Once the reading is complete, we will meet via Zoom, Skype or phone where will will discuss the reading.  The sessions can take 1-2 hours depending on the type of session -Basic or Package.  I suggest you drink lots of water for a few days before the session and throughout the clearing process time of 21 days. There is no need to take notes as a written report is emailed to you afterwards.  A Soul Realignment Package is also available with more advanced options.  These sessions are valuable tools to assist anyone seeking a deeper understanding of themselves.  Starseeds, Lightworkers and Gridkeepers benefit from Soul Realignment and assist in the Ascension process.

 What is the “Clearing Intentions”?

The practitioner sets the intentions for clearing in the Akashic Records which you activate through your free will and conscious intent.  This activation is done by reading your intentions for clearing aloud for 21 days.  This is essential to both making your intentions known for the clearing and for making new choices and to having future experiences in alignment with your Divine Soul Blueprint.

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What is Property Realignment?

Like humans, property accumulates energy over its lifetime.  Energies can come from the various inhabitants over the years or from events that took place on the land such as battles or ceremonies.  In some cases where trauma has occurred in an area, the land absorbs and holds that energy.  It is not uncommon for previous inhabitants to remain connected to family homesteads or estates.  These energies often interfere with the current inhabitants in a negative manner.

When purchasing property, we are often attracted to properties that align with our current vibrational level.  We find ourselves saying, “this feels good here” or “I think this is home”.  As the inhabitants of the property grown vibrationally, they often find themselves misaligned to their property.  Many chose to find a new location more in alignment with their energy.  Property Realignment identifies existing influences and clears them allowing the property to align to the energy of the current inhabitant.

Anyone who owns or is financially responsible for a piece of property can request an energetic clearing of the land.  Financial responsibility may be for rental property either as the owner or the renter or commercial holdings as the owner or the leasee as well as private, domestic uses.  Clearing rental property or property for sale attracts ideal renters and buyers who are truly interested in your property

There is no need to be physically present or on the property to clear it.  The history of the property is accessed in the Akashic Records of the property stored in the Quantum Field.  It is cleared through clearing requests and new intentions are set in the Akashic Records to release the energies affecting the property negatively.

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“One’s philosophy is not best expressed in words; it’s expressed in the choices one makes…. And the choices we make are ultimately our responsibility.”

– Eleanor Roosevelt

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