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The Human Energy Field, The Biofield, and Biofield Tuning

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What is a ‘Biofield’?

Simply stated the biofield is the human energy field or aura.  It is described as the subtle (unseen) energy surrounding the physical body.  It radiates out about 5-8 feet horizontally and 2-3 feet above the head and below the feet.  While the biofield is not visible to the human it, it can be experienced, felt with the hands either as a hot or cold sensation or the feeling of pressure or lightness.  It can be mapped [i]and seen through thermographic photography

The Term ‘Biofield’

It was only in the early 1990’s that the term ‘biofield’ was developed by the National Institutes of Health (NIH).  It described it as a field of energy and information that surrounds and permeates (affects) the human body.   The term “biofield brought a unifying concept to and common language for both traditional and contemporary energy medicine modalities.  Today, we know it is composed of both subtle energy (chi, ki prana) and electromagnetic energy (bioplasma- magnetic fluid that surrounds all living things)[ii].

As vapor is a form of water, the biofield is still part of the human anatomy.  While the two are part of the one, they have different properties.  The biofield is not visible, it is more diffuse than the physical body.

Subtle Energy Body

Besides the biofield, meridians and chakras are also part of the subtle energy body.[iii]  Meridians are the energetic lines running through the body starting at the toes and travelling through the body to the top of the head (used by Acupuncture and Emotional Freedom Techniques).

Chakras are spinning wheels of energy or energetic vortices.  While there are hundreds of chakra locations, the primary ones are located in the chakra channel that runs from below the feet along the spine within the physical body to above the head.

Bioplasmic Toroidal Field

The human biofield is a bioplasmic toroidal field surrounding the body contained by a double layer membrane of plasma.


The biofield stores all our emotional experiences in the biofield.  Like the tree has rings determining it age and the events that it incurred during particular periods.  The biofield stores the information from our experiences in similar ways.  The outer edge of the biofield relates to the period of gestation and birth.  Just inside the outer edge, we hold our childhood experiences.  Our most recent events are stored closest to our body.  We can now understand why our childhood triggers leave us feeling so vulnerable.  They are right at the edge of our biofield.

Every emotion and mental thought process  has its own set of frequencies and each create their own set of frequency waves.  The research of Biofield Tuning has shown that these waves create patterns – emotions, mental thoughts, that can be found in the body and the biofield of each person in the same locations.

The Biofield Edge

The biofield edge can become unhealthy – thin and weakened.  I have seen tears, rips or holes in the biofield outer edge.  Such conditions create a leaking of vital energies needed to sustain ourselves.  Extreme fatigue, energy vampires, and attachments can occur on the biofield edge.

Projected Energies

We also project the state of our energetic field out to the world around us.  Non-coherence can trigger arguments, hostility and discomfort.  Coherence can result in harmony and balance.  ‘As within ….  So without ‘– Hermes Trismegistus

Biofield Tuning

Biofield Tuning is a Vibrational Sound Modality that works on the human energy field – the chakras, the channel and the biofield to restore balance, bring peace and harmony and increase our resiliency.  It establishes coherence in the body and the biofield.

Tuning Forks

Using the pure tones of specialized tuning forks, a practitioner can discern the nature of the energies picked up in the biofield and its location (source point).  The forks mirror to the body the ‘off’ tone (noise, distortion or resistance) it is producing.  The innate body intelligence then sets about to correct that.  The energies in that location are softened, and the forks act like a magnet to pick up the distorted energy and to return it to the body where it can be integrated into the energetic flow of the body.  The forks also act like a metronome reflecting the balanced rhythm needed by the body to restore its own balance.

Biofield Tuning works in the Central Channel to connect to the grounding energies of the Earth and to the Sun.  It connects one’s inner Sun to the Source of all light.  This process also strengthens the biofield edge (double layer bioplasmic membrane) resulting in more resiliency and the ability to move forward in life feeling empowered and with a balanced outlook.  We live better – sleep better – perform better!

Personal Observations

My personal observations as a Biofield Tuning Practitioner, have seen physical ailments resolve in sessions, the release of emotions stored, carried and struggled with, changes in the mental constructs (beliefs) we have stored from our genetic lineage as one develops and follows their own truths, renewed energy, a lightness after feeling heavy or burdened.  Nicola Tesla said, “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”  Biofield Tuning does just that!

Further Information:

[i] Mapping the Human Biofield- Video 

[ii] Adam Grzegorz Adamski  describes bioplasma as the state of mutually interconnected fields and positively and negatively charged particles.  He states is a tangible medium of life and the ground of consciousness.

[iii] Zhang refers to the biofield as the “electromagnetic body” and defines it as a complex, field of chaotic standing waves, a dissipative structure of electromagnetic fields that forms the energetic anatomic structures including the chakras and acupuncture meridians (Zhang, 1995, 1996).

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Infinity Gold Rose

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