Aries New Moon 2022

New Moon – April 1st at 11° Aries

The New Moon takes place April 1st, 2022, at 11° Aries.  Aries is a cardinal fire sign bringing initiatory energy and ignition into the forefront.  You can use this energy to be motivated, courageous, confident and determined OR it can be aggressive, impulsive, impatient and confrontational to the point of explosive.  Aries is ruled by Mars, the Warrior energy.  It too initiates and takes action.  Mars adds the elements of action, survival and aggression.

Aries energy is found in the physical body in the head and brain.  Headaches of more than one kind can be prevalent or exacerbated with the combination of planetary influences at this time.

During this New Moon, Mars is conjunct Saturn.  The fiery energies of Aries and Mars meet the disciplined, responsible Saturn that can help to cool the impulsive, explosive nature giving us both patience and tenacity to complete the tasks at hand.

Combining the Aries-Mars energies with the New Moon energy manifests an excellent time for new beginnings, starting new projects or making a fresh start.  Use this energy to reevaluate old patterns, behaviours and beliefs and let go of things not serving your highest good.  Dig deep into your shadow and do the work of self-awareness.

A Stellium

A stellium occurs when three or more plants are clustered together in a single zodiac sign or house.  At this time, the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Chiron are in conjunction with one another in Aries. This stellium of planets opens an incredible opportunity for healing.  It can also be a hot mess of uncontrolled emotional outbursts, confrontation and aggression.  The choice is yours to make.  It is definitely the week to choose your battles wisely.

Sun Conjunct the New Moon

The New Moon ushers in the ending of one 28 days cycle and the beginning of a new one.  When the Sun is conjunct the New Moon, we see a power push, more initiative and invigorating energy behind the ‘newness’.  This conjuction of Sun and Moon which are both in Aries can bring emotional balance and a major shift in our personal growth if we set our intentions to do so.


Mercury is the planet of intellect, communication and short travel adventures.  It is quick witted, curious, logical and holds a thirst for knowledge.  When conjunct the New Moon,  communications with those closest to us can open up, a time of social activity, the sharing of new ideas  and an influx of new knowledge and information.


Chiron is the Wounded and the Healer.  The deepest wound of our soul is found in the energies of Chiron, but so is the ability for self-healing and assisting others in finding theirs.

Potent Possibilities

The mix of energies from this combination of planets in Aries is a potent opportunity to express the physical and emotional wounds of the past in healthy and healing ways.  Besides verbal communication, we may choose to write or journal, to paint or draw, to exercise or do hard physical labor.  All are ways to express yourself and help you to release the deeper wounds we all carry.

There is an increased awareness, heightened sensitivity.  Childhood wounds may come up for clearing.  If we are aware of the potential explosive power in this time, we can choose to use it in a constructive and healthy way.

Being fearful of what may arise can be changed to being hopeful of the Freedom as these fiery energies help us push through the issues.  Feelings of victimization can be shifted into new perspectives of realizing the victories gleaned through life’s challenges.  Expressing and releasing our wounds of rejection or alienation  can help us find ‘our tribe’ of higher consciousness.   This New Moon encourages nurturing of self and provides the opportunity for deep healing.

Mercury Conjunct Chiron

Mercury conjunct Chiron is a supportive energy that facilitates our healing opportunities through ‘expression and communication’.  Whether it is through thoughts, ideas, creative arts, new beginnings (first part of the month) or taking the time to listen to our Soul needs or to others as they express theirs.

The Alignment

The alignment of the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Chiron is perfect for those who are serious about doing shadow work and healing both on a personal and interpersonal level.  The energies of confrontation and aggression are possibilities only if we choose them.  Be intentional with your responses.  Pick your battles wisely and know when to leave others for another time and place.

Infinity Gold Rose

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