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The US Pluto Return occurs during three transit times:

February 20, 2022, July 11, 2022, and December 28, 2022.

What does this mean individually, nationally and globally?

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Pluto in the Mythological World

In the mythological world, Pluto is the God of the Underworld, the Master of Wealth. It derives its power and wealth from the rich resources of underground extractions. This refers to the underground wealth of the material world – precious minerals, raw resources on the material plane; the underground of our psyche – the shadow; and the underground of Gaia – our core drives and motivations of which we are unaware.

Pluto Traits

Pluto traits are connected to power, revelation and regeneration. It is a destructive and creative force that is used in specific ways by each generation to express their way of regenerating culture, the collective and the world at large. The Keywords of Pluto are: purification, deep urges and instincts, transformation and transcendence, trauma, guilt, control issues based on intense vulnerability, and healing.

The Generational Planet

Pluto is called the generational planet as it stays anywhere from 10 to 30 years in any one zodiac sign. Currently Pluto is in Capricorn (November 27, 2008 -March 23, 2023). As Pluto is at 27° Capricorn during the alignment, it will remain in Capricorn for its entirety, even so during its retrograde period April 29, 2022 – Oct 8, 2022. Retrogrades bring to the surface old wounds and deep emotions for healing and transformation.

Pluto In the Personal Birth Chart

Pluto does not make a return in the life of an individual as it takes 245-250 years to complete its zodiac cycle. In the personal birth chart, Pluto represents:

  • shadow and karma
  • the death and rebirth processes likened to that of a phoenix bursting into flames then rising from the ashes.
  • transformation and transcendence
  • trauma, healing
  • deep urges and insights or instinctual reactions
  • the need to control stemming from issues of feeling vulnerable
  • manipulation, the use of guilt or cruelty

Pluto In a Nation’s Chart

In a nation’s birth chart, Pluto represents:

  • The collective shadow and the collective unconscious
  • The nation’s karmic imprints and secrets
  • The mining or extraction of minerals and resources
  • Systems dealing with ‘waste management’ – sanitation, sewage or trash collection, recycling, toxic waste.
  • The nation’s secrets or dark side – secret police, organized crime or what it is not wanting to acknowledge as its truth – collective past.
  • The self-destructive impulses of a nation.

When a nation encounters a Pluto return, it is an opportunity to acknowledge its karmic past and to make new choices as it moves into the future. Thus there is usually a lot of opposition to such a shift.

On a national level, we will see the playing out of opposites. One side wants to acknowledge the past, to bring healing and reconciliation to/with the people. The other side wants it to remain underground fighting to repress the truth of its past. Or perhaps painting it as proud moments to be celebrated without accepting the devastation and annihilation it created for others.


Capricorn is a Cardinal Earth Sign focusing on Profession and Business. It is ruled by Saturn, the planet of structure, discipline and hierarchies. Saturn is the authoritarian of the signs, limiting and calling for responsibility. Capricorn likes to get the job done.

The US Pluto Return

The US is being given the opportunity to deal with its karmic past. If we look at the time of its birth July 4, 1776, we see a nation that had fought for its own independence from the British colonies. Its own puritanical and hierarchical roots continued within its framework. Repression, massacres, slavery and control of others were used to extract from the country its resources. This generated a concentrated supply of wealth and power while leaving many devastated in its wake. In many respects, what the US fought against in its own quest for independence, was actually implemented into its founding roots.

This Pluto return is an opportunity for the US to take a hard look at its past, facilitate deep transformational experiences; reforms of social order, law; and recreate its destiny as it moves into the next 248-year cycle. In many respects, we have already seen the contention, the challenges and the karmic imprints coming up over these past few years as social justice issues come to the forefront of the nation’s challenges.

Global Impact

The global impact of the US Pluto Return will be significant if for no other reason than the US being a global influencer in trade, military and its participation in global initiatives. The world will be watching and reflecting on how the US deals with its karmic imprint.

Sign and House of Pluto

The Sign and House of Pluto shows where there is a lot of pressure to change in both our personal charts and a nation’s chart. The US Chart focuses on Capricorn in the 2nd house –natural resources, social values, agriculture (food), the nation’s wealth (Oil. Minerals, Gold, Banking). It is about the growing awareness of the nation as it looks at the underlying structures of its foundation, hidden motivations and game playing with each of the people’s that came together to form it.

The Outcome

While 2022 brings a lot of pressure for change and an equal amount of pressure to leave things status quo, the outcome cannot be predicted. Pluto only presents the opportunity for change. Will the US open to these possibilities, reconciliation and healing or will it close a blind eye to the prevailing decisions of the past creating even deeper and renewed karmic imprints for it to resolve in the future.

Key Dates for 2022

Pluto will transit the US Natal Pluto’s position of 27° Capricorn, three times during 2022:

  • February 20, 2022,
  • July 11, 2022
  • December 28, 2022

It will be in a retrograde cycle during April 29, 2022 – Oct 8, 2022. Retrogrades are the deep dive within to look at what is resurfacing for healing and resolution.

As One Cycle Comes to an End

One cycle comes to an end and another cycle is sitting on the doorstep awaiting to be born. What will the US birth in this time? There are no clear-cut answers to this question. We will have to wait and see what choices it makes as a collective and a nation, but we can definitely impact the outcome whether we are in the US or and other location in the world. It’s time to dig deep into our personal shadow work.

Shadow Work

The shadow work that you do individually during this period will support the collective, regardless of where you are in the world. This year has great healing potential in and on all facets of life. Time to dive in!

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