July 25th

The Day Out Of Time

The Day Out Of Time occurs on July 25th, the final day of the Mayan Calendar yet it is not a day of the week or of the month. It is a Day Out of Time, a day of sacred reflection and celebration. This occurs on the eve of the Mayan New Year which dawns on July 26th.  The Day Out of Time signifies the closing of the 13 Moon Calendar, a 13×28 day period of time (364 days).  This day re-aligns the 13 Moons Calendar to the Solar year (365 days) and provides us with an opportunity to realign our own energies.

 The MayansMayans

According to the Mayan Calendar, July holds two sacred days on July 25 marking an end and July 26 establishing a beginning.

July 25th opens the ‘Day Out Of Time’ portal where all and nothing exists simultaneously.  To the Mayans, it signified the end of a calendar cycle, a day full of ceremony and reverence, purification and a time of offering forgiveness to all of humanity.  Acts of prayer cancelled all debts and transgressions.

It also marks the eve of a calendar cycle beginning anew and an opportunity for humanity to begin anew.  Communities gathered and focused their intentions on peace with one another and releasing each other, atoning and freeing each other of debts.  For the Mayans, it was an opportunity to experience true timelessness and freedom.  This was a time of aligning with the environment, a time of resetting human intentions that focused on global and spiritual awakening.

 Current Day Celebrations

Current day celebrations continue worldwide recognizing the importance of a natural reckoning of time, universal forgiveness and atonement.  It is a day of reverence and respect for all of life and dedicated to the balance and beauty of eternal time.

 Golden Opportunity

Mayan 2This is a golden opportunity to centre ourselves in the current moment of time, for reflection, evaluation and change.  The new yearly cycle begins anew free and clear from the old patterns released during this time.

Identify those things for which we are grateful.  Even the challenges can be vehicles that move us forward in life and the lessons we have learned that no longer need repeating can bring us joy and relief.

The current day celebrations call for discernment and examination regarding our intentions, our words, actions or reactions.  Compared to seeds cast into a field, they grow and manifest in our reality.  This year, we are also experiencing the Full Moon on July 24th at 02:37 UTC time.  The full moon energies will amplify our reflections, releasing and renewing processes in the Day Out of Time Portal.  Join us in the Portal for a Day Out Of Time-Full Moon Healing Circle this weekend.

 The Global Water Appreciation Day

The Global Water Appreciation Day alsoThe Element of Water celebrated on July 25th.  This celebrated day was created by Dr. Mansaru Emoto, world renowned water researcher known as the Water Messenger, an inspiration for the Emoto Peace Project.  Dr Emoto discovered that water is a living intelligence responding to the vibrational frequency of its environment.  It holds consciousness.  He demonstrated the responses of the frequencies carried by words written and spoken in any language as well as sounds of music, prayer, images, and photographs, picture representations.  Dr. Emoto proved that by holding the intention of peace towards water, by speaking, thinking, speaking and acting with the intention of peace towards water, water can and will bring peace to our bodies and to the world.

Since the Global Water Day coincides with the Day Out of Time, reflection on world peace is the focus of meditations all around the planet on this day.   Water blessing or the sacred element of water is at the centre of celebration and meditation.

 A Natural Reckoning of Time

Day Out Of Time PicCharged with spiritual and cosmic energies, the Day Out Of Time Portal creates intense connections to the spiritual world.  Often compared to the 31st of December of the Gregorian Calendar, it’s celebrated by people of all cultures who recognize the importance of a natural reckoning of time.

July 26th begins the new Mayan Calendar year, a time of celebrating the Planetary New Year and the opening of the Lion’s Gate Portal that climaxes on August 8th in the 8-8 Lion’s Gate Portal.  As this portal opens, we find the energies supporting and supportive of the Emergence of the New Earth Human.


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Day Out of Time and Full Moon

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