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November 19-December 4

Last Eclipse Window of 2021.

What does that mean for us?


What is an Eclipse Window?

An Eclipse Window or Eclipse Corridor occurs in the two-week period between eclipses.  It defines the nature of the energies we experience.  This is a powerful, quantum opportunity presented to us two to three times annually.  Depending on the type of Eclipse Window occurring, the nature of our experiences during in this time will vary.

Approximately, every four to six months we have an eclipse series where two eclipses take place two weeks apart.  Typically, we have two eclipse windows per year, a total of 4 eclipses.  On rare occasions, there can be 5 eclipses per year as in 2018, and 2019.  In 2020, there were 6 eclipses and in 2030, an extremely rare 7 eclipse year will occur.

For the past three years (2018, 2019, 2020) we have experienced an escalated series of quantum energies and opportunities to advance energetically, embody more Soul light and assist the planetary field to do the same.

Types of Eclipse Windows

There are two types of Eclipse Windows.  The first eclipse window is the Solar-Lunar Window.  The Second is the Lunar-Solar Window.  The energies of the window and the energies of the period that follows are vastly different for each type.

The Solar-Lunar Window

The Solar-Lunar Window is a time of new beginnings and transformation.   In this two-week period, we focus on developing and bringing forth new, innovative ideas and setting intentions for the future.  It is a period of transformation both of self and the collective.

This eclipse window closes with the lunar eclipse, followed by a 4–6-month time period where the shadow is illuminated and revealed on a micro and macro level.  On the macro level, we will see it in the institutions that govern us, teach us, hold our finances,  define our religious beliefs and in our military institutions.  The Solar-Lunar Windows are the more difficult windows to work with as the long period in between eclipses focuses on the shadow.

The Lunar-Solar Window

The Lunar Solar Window is where shadow is illuminated and revealed both personally and collectively.  This eclipse window closes with a solar eclipse, followed by a 4–6-month time period of new beginnings and transformation.  We plant new seeds, set new intentions, make life changing choices and take affirmative action individually and globally.

Solar Eclipse

November 19-December 4, 2021

The current Lunar-Solar Eclipse Window runs November 19–December 4.  Energies are intense, digging deep.  This causes the shadow aspects to rise to the surface.  We are called to examine the deep places of the past, bring forth new awareness, and reset our personal beliefs to align with our Soul truth.

It is a quantum conjuncture of infinite possibilities.  It can be a life altering two-week window where we release all that no longer serves us to fully embrace the Soul’s potential.  It is an intense, deep and decisive crossroad.

The extended influx of lunar light during this longest eclipse in 600 years, (3 ½ hours) is a frequency enhancer stirring the shadow in one and all.  It conjures up a myriad of emotions, illuminates the deep places for examination, opens the doors to profound awareness and gifts a potent quantum opportunity to heal, integrate and embrace, healthy choices moving forward.

What Does That Mean For Us?

The work we do in this two-week time period sets the groundwork for what comes forth during December 4, 2021, and April 30, 2022.  This time is of great importance as it is the last Lunar-Solar Eclipse Window until March 2024.

All Eclipse Windows between April 2022 and March 2024 will be Solar-Lunar with one being a triad Lunar-Solar-Lunar eclipse.  The periods of transformation and beginning anew related to eclipses will be contained in the two-week eclipse window.  These will be followed by the longer in-between periods of illuminating and revealing the shadow of self and the collective.

Shadow Work

We often want to run in the opposite direction or hide under the covers when the work of shadow comes up for illumination and revelation.  If we understand that all things are waves or particles of energy, in different forms and formats, then there is really nothing to fear or run from.  Our emotions, our thoughts, our behaviours and patterns of habit are energetic frequencies.  When we change the frequency, we transform the emotions, shift the thoughts, choose different behaviours and opt for new and healthier patterns.

Biofield TuningBiofield Tuning

Biofield Tuning (Vibrational Sound) is an excellent way to work on the shadow.  It uses specific frequencies (Schumann, Solfeggio, Fibonacci) to assist the intelligence of the body to identify areas of non-resonance and to assist it in restoring clarity and coherence back to itself.

Our emotions, fears, limiting beliefs, patterns and habits shift with the higher frequencies from the tuning forks.  They are transformed by the sound and integrated back into the natural flow and rhythm of the body

The outer boundary of the biofield is strengthened creating resiliency.  Our immune system is supported for better health.  The heaviness we experience is alleviated.  Stress is reduced.  Clarity is restored.  Our inner resonance is peaceful, calm and relaxed.

Biofield Tuning establishes coherence in the body, between our organs and in the heart-mind connection.  We are lighter, more energized.  We sleep better, live better, perform better.

Personal Growth Opportunity

During this Eclipse Window, consider exploring the subtle, yet powerful modality of Biofield Tuning.  Bookings made during this Eclipse Window (until Dec 4) receive an additional 20% savings on Single Sessions.  Use this Coupon ECLIPSE20 on Checkout to receive this additional savings on Single Sessions.  (unlimited purchases until Dec 4)  Check out the Bundles for even further savings.

If you have any questions, please email or book a consultation.  This is a potent window of opportunity.  Utilize the Eclipse energies, work on shadow and set up the energetics of new beginnings and transformation for the next 5 months into 2022.

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