In Ascension Mastery, we spend a lot of time healing the heart chakra in order to embody the Soul.  One thing we overlook is neutralizing polarities that exist throughout the field but primarily in the heart and the mind.  Masculine/Feminine, Right Brain/Left Brain.  We have been reared in polarities of success/failure, love/hate, acceptance/denial, good girl(boy)/bad girl(boy), abundance/lack, right/wrong.  Many polarities are carried forward from past life experiences as energetic imprints held in our field that remain embedded until we do our shadow work, clearing and transmuting these polarities back to Source.

Neutralizing the polarities, means doing the shadow work  reversing what we have learned and lived out of for lifetimes.  Healing the wounded, rejected, abandoned part of ourselves, befriending our divine masculine or divine feminine, lifting off the veils of mental fog, confusion and self-doubt to find an inner stillness, something we may have never experienced before.  Karmic patterns are released.  The cycle of reincarnation no longer is necessary.  The triggers no longer trigger.  Codependency becomes Sovereignty. The victim becomes an empowered light for others.

Using the golden infinity loops at any of the chakras but especially the heart and the mind, blends, melds and merges the polarities into a balanced, harmonious field of coherence.  Running a vertical infinity loop from the heart to the mind, forges the mind/matter connection, a coherent network where we shift from the inner mind to the heart and create a sacred space for the human self and soul self to live as one.  I liken it to the mind bowing to the heart, allowing the heart to be the loving force behind our decisions, choices, responses, relationships and self.

We call it Zero Point Energy or the Zero Point Field where the push and pull of opposites is non-existent.  It is a field of null magnetics.  It is NOT void but potent with all possibilities.  It is the place between the physical world and all that is and where we do the alchemy of transmutation and transformation.  It is from this place that we can ascend – raise our soul vibrational frequency.

Ascension is not going up and out of our bodies to some higher place.  Quite the contrary!  It is about clearing all non-resonant and polarized frequencies out of the body so we can embody the Soul.  Where we live out our divinity within our physicality.  It’s the reason we came in this lifetime  – for the first ever opportunity to embody a 12th dimensional Light Body on the Earth Plane.

Ascension work is not for the faint of heart or the spiritual by-passer!  It can be tough work and we wonder if we are ever done.  Probably not but do not be discouraged as every step, every act, every clearing brings us along the pathway, reveals more light and allows more Soul to embody – the main goal of this Ascension journey.  Our frequency increases and so does our heart magnetism.  The blessings that come from our work awaken us to a deeper understanding of our divine nature, of the God Spark of Light within us that bursts forth, revealing who we are at the deepest level of our beings – so far beyond what we could possibly imagine.  Never give up on yourself!  Dig deeper.  Sit with the emotions and let them flow out from the deep depths within.  When our Soul Light fills those cleared places that once carried trauma and pain, healing takes place, relationships based on uncontrolled egoic thoughts become Sovereign, supportive and we relate to each other soul to soul.

In the 5D and higher realms, polarities are non-existent.  There is harmonious co-existence.  No push/pull of opposites.  Reality is perceived through our Higher Self and not through our physical senses.  There is an internal, self-sustaining energy source – our Soul Presence that holds our unique soul song and signature and fuels us with kundalini life force.

We empath our Higher Self not others.  We honor the Sovereignty of all and take responsibility for our energy field and our reality.

2020 has been the year of greatest challenge.  One that has brought many awakenings, realizations and new choice points.  These next few weeks as we head towards the Winter Solstice Dec 21, 2020, a potent field of opportunity to clear the deep wounds found in the emotional body and to neutralize the polarities is open and inviting us in.

We are ushering in the Age of Aquarius.  The 3D Matrix operating system is moving out and the 5D operating system is being birthed in the hearts of millions.  Are you ready to make the switch?  Do you have more work to do?  The Soul Centered Offerings at Rose Energetics are designed to unfold the alchemy for ascension mastery.  I am honored to walk with you as you shift the polarities  and step into your Mastery. I invite you to experience the Alchemy of Quantum Access ®.

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