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Gateways, Eclipses and Moon Energies

The last quarter of every year, we experience high impacting energies from gateways, eclipses and the moon.  2021 is no different.

These energies provide us with the opportunity to dig deep into the work of personal evolution and to contribute to the shift in the collective consciousness.  We experience these energies through a series of gateways 10-10, 11-11, 12-12 and 12-21 designed to bring us into harmony and balance on the inner planes so we can create and manifest in our outer world.  This is a time of reset to zero-point, the place of non-duality that brings about an accelerated transformation of both the individual and the collective.

sunEverything is Energy

Albert Einstein stated that ‘Everything is energy.’  It cannot be destroyed but it can be transformed.  The energies in this last quarter of the year provide golden opportunities to transform density, trauma and core wounds into rich fertile ground from which we realize our greatest potential.


Gateways are cosmic portals, stargates that provide a pathway of connection to the higher realms, divine light, cosmic consciousness and to the very source of creation.

Eclipses and Moon Energiesmoon energies

Eclipses and moon energies are powerful, potent cycles between the Sun (the heart), the Moon (the emotions), the Earth(physical body) and the Lunar Nodes (the human soul’s evolution and the journey it makes in this lifetime).  They are powerful, awe-inspiring moments that mark potent  cycles of change, revelation and opportunity.

Lunar EclipseLunar Eclipse

A Lunar Eclipse occurs only during a full moon when Earth’s shadow is cast on the moon.  That shadow is reflected back to us as we gaze on the moon.  Everything becomes illuminated and revealed personally and collectively.

We have the opportunity to observe it, witness it and integrate the lessons from the shadow.  On the collective scale, lunar eclipses illuminate the shadow side of humanity.

Solar EclipseSolar Eclipse

A Solar Eclipse occurs only during a new moon as the moon passes between the Sun and the Earth.  The lunar shadow on the Earth creates the solar eclipse.  This is a time of transformational shifting which can be dramatic on both collective and individual levels.  It brings about new directions.  Thus, it is important to set intentions consciously. Clear, decisive actions manifest positive, desired outcomes.

Eclipse Windows

There are two types of eclipse windows.  The eclipse window is the two week period between eclipses defining what the window will be about.  The window is followed by a six month period and determines the flavour of the period.

The first is the Solar-Lunar Window which is about developing something new and planting intentions.  It closes with the lunar eclipse which illuminates and reveals during the six month period that follows.

The second is the Lunar Solar Window which reveals and illuminates the shadow.  This window closes with a solar eclipse, a time of taking action on the new seeds and intentions set.  It is a six month time of new beginnings and transformation.

The November 19th to December 4th Eclipse Window is a Lunar-Solar Eclipse.  Extremely important for establishing what you bring forth in the first half of 2022.

Opportunities for Transformationtransformation1

Here are the list of dates providing opportunities for transformation.  Take note that the moon periods overlap the gateways and eclipses making it potent and powerful.

October 20th – Full Moon

A time for capturing our dreams and manifesting them into the physical reality.  (Oct 20th-Nov 19th).

November 4th – New Moon

A time of setting intentions for the next 30-day period.  What is it you want to manifest?

November 11 – 11-11 Scorpio Gateway (Angelic Gateway)

The phoenix is one of the symbols associated with Scorpio.  According to the Egyptian mythology, the “Bennu Bird” (phoenix) would burst into flames destroying itself.  From its own ashes, a new bird (new beginnings) would arise.  Similarly, out of the chaos of the current world situation, a new earth can be birthed.

November 16th-20th – Pleiadean Alignment

For information on this event see Newsletter from 2020 – link here

November 19th – Partial Lunar Eclipse (Full Moon)

The eclipse window occurs during these two events.  See above.

December 4th – Total Solar Eclipse (New Moon)

This now begins the six month period of taking action on your intentions and what you wish to manifest in the first half of 2022.

December 12th – 12-12 Zero Point Gateway

The gateway of balance, harmony, infinite possibilities and manifestation.  An opportunity to connect to the Galactic Centre and divine intelligence, stream an abundance of crystalline light into our bodies and the planetary field to activate the pineal, our soul codes and expand the heart mind.

December 18th – Full Moon in Gemini

The Gemini moon can bring energies of distraction from many minor details or avoidance through intellectual, witty conversations and socialization.

December 21st – 12-21-21 Solstice (3-3-3 Gateway)

During solstice, the sun stands still between the light and the dark.  Capricorn is a cardinal earth sign.  It initiates a new season.

12-21 represents the mirror of opposites.  Polarities or imbalances are magnified and brought to attention. It is an opportunity to step into this new season, the new era of Aquarius and birth ourselves anew. Despite our fears, apprehensions, lost moments along the way, the universe opens and urges you to continue the evolution of your soul.

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