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We are on the precipice of the 12-12 Gateway as we align with the Galactic Centre, a potent time of activation, amplification and evolution. 

What does that mean for us?

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What is the Galactic Centre?

The Galactic Centre located at the centre of our Galaxy in the sign of Sagittarius at approximately 26° to 27° is a potent force within the universe that urges all life form into growth and expansion.  It acts as a cosmic homing signal activating a deep evolutionary impulse within the consciousness of all things.  Sagittarius is a sign representing ‘freedom and truth.’

The Galactic Centre streams energetic light particles of gamma wave intensity into the Earth plane accelerating the transformation of the 3D human being (homo sapiens) into the 5D and higher luminous being (homo luminous).  It opens the subconscious mind, assists in releasing core wounds, patterns and trauma.  It unfurls our DNA from the 2 strand, double helix to a 12 strand DNA. 

12-12 Gateway

The 12-12 Ascension Gateway is a potent time of alignment with the Galactic Centre.  As particles of light vortex and stream from the Great Central Sun through the Galactic Centre, it acts like an amplification transmitter of divine consciousness and intelligence activating our soul codes, amplifying our consciousness and evolution to step into our Soul mastery and Soul embodiment.

 The ancients of old saw this as a time of initiation, manifesting and new beginnings.  The mystics saw 12-12 as the sacred code by which one accessed the Gateway of Enlightenment through which change was facilitated. 

Birth Charts

The house in which the Galactic Centre is located in our birth charts,  identifies where we can have a profound, transformational, evolutionary effect on the collective development and expansion of humanity.  Having aspects to other planets in our birth charts, the impact and effect at a personal and collective level has been likened to being connected to nuclear power.  This alignment can be one of the most potent you will experience in any given year.

Videos on the Galactic Centre

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3 

Video 4 – Sonification of the Galactic Centre by Nasa

Video 5 – A  Tour of the Galactic Centre Visualization 



Infinity Gold Rose

12-12 Gateway Activations and Evolution – This Weekend


Another quantum opportunity to work with the incoming crystalline energies to clear on deeper levels, heal trauma and core wounds, release and transmute energies activate our crystalline light bodies and embody more of your soul’s magnificence ..

Quantum Healing Circle

12-12 Gateway

Join Us!

Saturday, December 11th – 3pm PT/ 4pm MT/5pm CT/ 6pm ET (USA)

Sunday, December 12th – 7:00am AWST (Perth), 8:30am ACST (Darwin), 9am AEST (Brisbane), 10:00am AEDT (Tasmania)

$20 (USD) 

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