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Twice yearly the Sun, the Earth and the Pleiades come into astronomical alignment allowing for the Pleiadean energy signature to be activated on the Earth Plane.  This alignment occurs in May 16th-20th when Pleiades is conjunct the Sun in Taurus and November 16th-20th when Pleiades is in opposition to the Sun in Scorpio.  There is an exception in leap years as the Sun may come into the alignment as early as the 15th of May and the 15th of November.  2020 is a leap year.

The alignment in May is an excellent time to set intentions and ask for the assistance of the Pleiadeans with manifesting them.  Clearing and activating your crystals, charging water or absorbing the energies from the Sun are a few ways to utilize and integrate the energies.  Where permitted, set some time aside to connect deeper with your human self, your Higher Self and Soul Light.  Send your soul signature out with the desired intentions you wish to manifest over time.

During the alignment in November 2020, the presence of the New Moon is seen.  This is a time to manifest the intentions set earlier in May, meditate under the new moon and in the starlight of the Pleiades. Draw into one’s self the abundance of the universe to assist with the manifesting of your intentions in the current moment or from earlier in the alignment in May.

The Pleiadeans have been involved with the evolution of the human species for millenniums assisting in the spiritual development of human beings.  Their energy signature is imprinted on human all DNA, as part of its structure and makeup.  Pleiadeans have invested a tremendous amount of support into the human experience on the Earth Plane and during this time of great awakening they offer energetic assistance to anyone who is on the path of spiritual awakening.  The Pleiadean Alignments give us the opportunity to experience this support both individually and collectively.

During the Pleiadean Alignment, the Pleiadean energy signature is active on the planet.  These energies are experienced intensely as they align with and enhanced by the energies of the Sun and the Earth.  It is a time of activation; a time of walk-in or walk-in activity; a time of awakening and a time when many make their exit having completed their soul mission and purpose.  Energetic downloads, upgrades take place and some experience multidimensional communication with the Pleiadeans during this time of alignment.  This time comes directly on the heels of the 11:11 Gateway when it is still active adding to the complexities of the energies experienced in this period.  We are heading into and preparing for a powerful Solstice December 21, 2020 when we usher in the Age of Aquarius.  NOW, is the golden opportunity for us to do more of our shadow work, release past life karma and move into higher alignment with our Soul light and purpose for this timeline.

The discovery of the Pleiadean Alignment is attributed to Lavandar of StarSeed Hotline.  She also was given the Starseed Marking information which she uses to assist Starseeds on their journey.  There are many who carry specific Pleiadean coding in their astrological charts which you can read further about on her website as listed above.  These codes are activated during these alignment times often at great levels of intensity.  My writing is to bring awareness to this period of alignment so that you can take full advantage of these energies to further your spiritual development and personal awareness. 

Pleiades is found in the night sky by locating Orion.  Follow the belt to the right to Aldebaran then continue to the Pleiades.  See photo below.


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