How to Write a Petition to the Karmic Board

What is the Karmic Board?

The Karmic Board is a body of light dedicated to supporting and assisting us so we can receive the greatest opportunity for spiritual progress, balance our karmic debt and succeed in our goal of Ascension.  They are a body of eight ascended masters who dispense justice, adjudicate karma (individual, group, national and world karma), mercy and judgment for all life acting as divine intercessors and mediators between humans and their karma.

All souls pass before the Karmic Board to receive permission to embody as a Soul at a certain place and at a certain time and receive their soul contract for this lifetime.  They also pass before the Karmic Board at the end of each incarnation on earth where they review the work of that lifetime in conjunction with their soul contract.  If they have been true to their contract, they accumulate soul credits for use during other incarnations to assist them with their soul purpose.  The Karmic Board also grants the opportunity to re-incarnate and  determines when a soul is karma free and no longer required to complete another cycle of reincarnation. They administer Cosmic Law and their decisions are final.

Seeking Dispensation

In order for one to ascend, one needs to have balanced/cleared their karma.  

The Karmic Board meets twice yearly at the Royal Teton Etheric Retreat located in the Grand Teton Mountain in Wyoming.  This retreat is dedicated to restoring humanity to its original purity and perfection while fulfilling the divine plan for this planet.

Twice yearly at the Summer and Winter Solstice, they consider requests for assistance and dispensation from individuals, masters or groups dedicated to fulfilling their divine plan and purpose, the well-being of Gaia and the expansion of consciousness.  The meetings usually last about 10 days until July 1st and January 1st during which time they hear and deliberate on the requests received.  Decisions are rendered on July 4th and January 4th.

Petitions should be sent to the Karmic Board for consideration before June 20th and December 20th when they begin their sessions.

You may apply to the Karmic Board twice yearly.  Your requests will be based on the service you have done and the choices you have made since the previous application or if it is the first time application in this lifetime, it will be based on your service and choices of this lifetime.

Writing a Petition to the Karmic Board

Karma is NEVER about another person.  Carefully consider what you are petitioning for and thoroughly analyze what you are asking clearing for.  How have you changed or what you would like assistance with or what work have you done to resolve this karmic pattern.  .

Have pure motives and sincerity showing your commitment to a new direction or how you have changed through new choices.  Include some positive facts about your life.

The Masters of the Karmic Board take our commitments seriously and speak on our behalf at the hearings for dispensation, like a sponsor would when supporting someone.  What we do with the dispensation and how we follow our life path and purpose is taken into consideration each time we apply for dispensation and will determine how much more we will be given in the future.

Content of the Letter

  • Write or type your letter. Best to make two copies.  One for your files and the other to burn on June 30th and December 31st.
  • Address the letter to the Members of the Karmic Board.
  • It should be written in a respectful but simple manner.  If hand written use blue, green, violet or gold ink, avoiding red or black ink that represents aggressive or stagnant energies. You can also write it on your computer.
  • Offer gratitude and appreciation to the Karmic Board for the opportunity to make this petition.
  • Outline the work or achievements made that support your request.
  • List your requests and/or wishes. Dispensation can be requested for past lives and current life. Be mindful of things when petitioning for Karmic Dispensation that the petitions show how the requests are practical and beneficial for all – the community, a group, ancestral lineage, the collective, the world and will advance the expansion of consciousness.
  • You can use your intention to send your letter etherically by asking Archangel Michael to accompany your letter to the Karmic Board at the Royal Teton Etheric Retreat.

In the period following your requests, be mindful and monitor what changes.  Ensure you take responsibility for the changes and new choices that support what you have requested dispensation for.  You can also write another letter of gratitude to the Karmic Board for the things that shift for you, or the positive changes you experience or witness in your life.


Current Board Members

  • Great Divine Director 1st ray
  • Goddess of Liberty, 2nd ray
  • Lady Nada, Goddess of Liberty 3rd ray and Goddess of Love, Chohan of the 6th Ray
  • Elohim Cyclopea, 4th ray
  • Pallas Athena, Goddess of Truth 5th ray, Elohim Vista – the all-seeing eye of God
  • Lady Portia, Goddess of Justice 6th ray and Board Speaker
  • Kwan Yin, Goddess of Mercy, 7th ray
  • Vairochana, (one of the Dhyani Buddhas)

Healing Circle – Karmic Clearing Session

Saturday December 12th
3pm Pacific/5pm Central/6pm Eastern

Sunday December 13th
7am AWST, 8:30am ACST, 9am AEST, Noon NZDT 

Pricing for Individual Sessions $20 (USD)
90 Minute Session – Zoom Meeting
All are welcome. 

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