During these times of challenge and stress, having healthy auric boundaries is key to Soul Embodiment and fundamental for our Soul health and personal well being allowing us to create a sacred space for our Soul light and Human Self to live as ONE.   

Our physical body is surrounded by a bio-magnetic field often called the aura, or auric field.  This field expands out from our bodies a minimum of 3 feet (1 meter) in 360 degrees to hold our soul’s energetic signature forming a dodecahedron shaped orb.  The edge of this field is the auric boundary. The maximum expansion of this field has not been determined.  Some have been measured out at several miles.

Expansion And Constriction

The auric field expands or constricts depending on what we are doing or experiencing on any given day so having  a healthy auric boundary is essential to our Ascension work of embodying the Soul. 

When we experience fear, trauma, pain, triggering of core wounds, the auric field constricts staying close to the body reducing the flow of energy within the body and field.  This constriction lasts until we deal with the experiences. 

These experiences cause the Soul to vacate out into the auric field or higher up in the chakra channel outside the physical body where it remains until we create the safe container for it to return within.  

The auric field can expand in an unhealthy way when one is not grounded leaving one to feel spacey or disconnected from oneself.   Another reason for the embodied Soul to vacate.     

 Expansion occurs in a healthy way when the auric boundary is strong. Our Soul light is anchored in the body, feeling grounded, safe and secure within our container of light creating a sacred sanctuary for our Soul light and human self to live as one. 

Unhealthy Auric Boundaries

When the auric boundary is unhealthy, it looks like swiss cheese where we are both impacted by others energetic projections or projecting out our own onto others.  This is a recipe for energetic exhaustion and entity attachment.  The repeated exposure to intense stress, trauma, abuse, or non-resonant energies causes enlarged holes and escalates our susceptibility to outside energetic influences.

Intentionally turning our chakra antennae inwards to empath our Higher Self communication system is the best key to reducing hyper-sensitivity to the outside world and maintaining calm in the inner world.  This upward connection strengthens our relationship with our Higher Self while lessening the attraction of negative outside energies and influences.

Healthy Auric Boundaries

Healthy auric boundaries protects us from non-resonant outside energies being picked up or attaching to our field. These can come from other peoples’ ego will, emotions or thought patterns, disconnected soul fragments etc..  The opposite also holds true as a healthy auric boundary prevents us from impacting others with our negative thoughts, emotions or ego will.  It is a key component in mitigating the effects of intense negative energies often hurled at us unexpectantly; preventing  energetic depletion while allowing us to become a self-sustaining field of our own Soul’s light and energy.

Maintaining healthy auric boundaries allows our Soul’s light and energy to remain in our container; to fuel us with our own life force/chi/prana.  This energy moves in a vertical flow through our chakra channel.  Negative energy from others is reflected off, not absorbed.  It is similar to having mirrors around us which bounces the energy back to its source.  It is essential to our overall spiritual health and emotional well-being.

 Ways to Clear the Aura and Strengthen the Auric Boundary

Salt Baths – a good soak in Epsom salts and baking soda (equal portions of 1/2-1 cup) for 20 minutes clears our field.  When enjoyed at night, it assists with sleep.  It holds magnesium which can prevent leg cramps and support the physical heart.   You can also take salt showers or do a salt foot bath to help clear your field and toxins from the body.

Do your shadow work – Quantum Healing Circles℠ provide an opportunity twice monthly to do shadow work, strengthen auric boundaries, embody more of our Soul Light.  You may also benefit from  one-on-one clearing and activation sessions.

Clear your channel – Set intentions daily to clear of non-resonant energies from our channel and field is very effective.  Use vortex energy to clear the channel of ego will (yours or others), stuck energy or old trauma sending it back to Source Light.

Turn your Chakra Antennas inwards – daily.  When we use our intention to turn our chakra antennas inwards and our pineal antenna upward, we empath our Soul sensory communication system with our Higher Self.  We are intentionally disconnecting from the astral plane interference and energetic projections of others.  This is key in maintaining healthy boundaries especially if we are sensitive to other peoples’ energies.

Daily Meditation Practice – can reduce stress.

Being Out in Nature – reduces stress and is  grounding allowing us to connect in with Gaia and with ourselves.

Light Breathing – Using your intention and your breath, breathe in Light from Source drawing more of your Soul presence down your chakra channel and into your body.  Bring your Soul Light into the heart chakra or solar plexus area. Use your out breath to release the stress of the day.  Allow the Light to expand throughout your body and into your auric field, filling the areas you have released from.  You may experience feeling lighter after doing this; relaxation after a few breaths; have tingling sensations in your body or see colour as your breathe in the Light.  This is also relaxing before going to bed at night.

Gratitude Moments – Practice gratitude moments for things that are positive in your life, or have gone well in your day.  You can keep a gratitude journal.  Find the positives even in the midst of the negative experiences or the lessons we have learned or the insight we have gained.  Seeing the glass half full holds a completely different vibration than seeing the glass half empty.

Practice Self Love – a daily dose of unconditional love, moments of grace rather than criticism, compassion rather than demeaning helps build our boundary and detract from energies we are not wishing to experience.

Work With An Energy Practitioner – who can help you identify areas of stuck energy; clear trauma, core wounds, ancestral patterns, behaviours or beliefs.

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