The Moon represents our deepest personal needs, the unconscious, what we need to feel safe. It is about intuition, the emotional body, vulnerability, nurturing and the feminine.  A full moon brings the opportunity to clear old habits, reactions, patterns, and energies that are no longer serving our highest good in this present moment.  Of course, the position of the moon (house and sign) in our personal charts, brings its own individual significance and energy.

It is an excellent time to dig deeper into the unconscious to release non-resonant energies and to anchor in new choices, directions and spiritual growth, enhancing particular energies or bringing things to a head in specific aspects of our life – relationships, career, family, social life.

The full moon brings the energy of completion and expansion at the same time.  If we are not purposeful and setting intentions for releasing, the patterns and habits continue until the next full moon phase, often amplified in the next new moon cycle.  It is a missed opportunity to anchor and activate the wisdom, the lessons the spiritual growth one has made.

Added to the full moon this cycle is a penumbral lunar eclipse where the Sun, the Earth and the Moon are imperfectly aligned.  The Earth blocks a portion of the sun’s light from reaching the moon’s surface causing the Earth’s shadow to cover part of the moon.

The energy of the penumbral lunar eclipse is not as potent as a total eclipse but none the less very powerful providing a quantum opportunity as it combines its energy with the full moon releasing.  It often brings life’s biggest events, and our most significant life happenings into play around these occurrences. Deep-seated wounds, shadow aspects, fears, genetic patterns that have been carried for lifetimes come up at this time.  The inner work of the emotional body governed by the moon stirs old energies longing to be healed, transmuted, realigned, rejuvenated.  Soul light, soul gifts, higher degrees of soul frequency flood in to fill the void created in the releasing, seeking a deep anchor, an embrace and fully embodiment.

The energies of the full moon and the lunar eclipse is like the saying “when one door closes another one opens”. It can be instantaneous or unfold over a short period of time. They usher in evolutionary change allowing you to grown more fully into your divinity, your magnificence, your soul truth.

These powerful opportunities are never for the faint hearted.  It takes work, intention, and courage.  Sometimes, it’s blood, sweat and tears but seeing, realizing and experiencing our divine light shining through the shadows and illuminating the master soul that we are, is always well worth it.

Things to Do (a few days before through to a few days following) – clear and recharge crystals, gemstones, pendulums or charge drinking water with moonlight energy.  Take a salt bath to cleanse the aura.  Burn Palo Santo or use Sandalwood Oil – grounding and clearing of both the body and your environment.  Work with Rose Quartz – opening and harmonizing in the heart; Amethyst: calming, destressing and enhances intuitive abilities; White Quartz: for clarity, balancing and amplification of intentions.  Offering sacred medicines such as Sage, Sweetgrass, Cedar or Tobacco to the land, to the trees and the waters where you live in gratitude for their presence and their gifts – deepens our connection with the Oneness of all things.  Drumming takes us inward to connect with the heart of life and ourselves.

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