I love how the universe consistently provides the perfect line-ups for us, opportune moments to go deeper into the richness of the journey we are on. 

New Moon on February 11.

Set Intentions, Plant Seeds, New Beginnings …  Until then, we are still in the letting go phase of the Full Moon of January 28.

Mercury Retrograde

The deep dive within and with self; uncovering and unravelling the deeper parts that need to be heard, experienced or acknowledged; parts that we have hidden away for many years or even lifetimes ago; parts that are traumatized and held in fear, afraid to peek out from behind the barricades and steel cages because it is not safe enough to do so.

Mercury retrograde gives us several opportunities each year to go deep within, unearth and aerate, bring to surface the hidden ‘fruits’ that have rotted and become fertile ground for something new and precious.  It is like the clump of coal that has become the diamond.

Love Month

A time of expressing our love and gratitude for partners and loved ones.  A time of receiving love from those who care most deeply about us.  It is also ‘heart month’ where we look at the health of our hearts both physically and emotionally.

What a perfect lineup for a month of Self-Love!  What a perfect time for going within, doing the deep dive, uncovering the parts of ourselves that need more nurturing and healing, seeding new intentions for ourselves, for our health and our growth in the coming months.

Self-love is our divine responsibility, one that can heal and transform our lives in the most incredible ways.  There is a difference between knowing about and embodying self-love. 

Here are a few suggestions on Embodying Self-Love. 

Show Up For Yourself

You are energetically investing in your life, the process and the outcome you desire when you show up for yourself. We cannot expect anyone else to show up for us.  When we show up for ourselves, we are setting an example for others to show up for themselves.  Be that gift to yourself.  Be the example to others.  How to Show Up for Yourself –  find time for yourself and do something you have always wanted to do, healthy eating, exercise, sleep and self-care.  The following are other ways to show up for yourself.

Offer Yourself What You Are Seeking From Others 

We seek from others what we need to give ourselves first. Love, Acceptance, Appreciation, Forgiveness and Kindness.  When we can give these things to ourselves, we experience healing.  When we heal, we are capable of loving, accepting, appreciating and forgiving others.  I often say, ‘the love we give to ourselves IS the love we are giving to others.”  If we are wounded and broken, then that energy is what we project into the world.  It also attracts back to us wounded and broken people, some who carry similar energies as ourselves and other times, predators who feed off our wounded and broken selves.  Healing changes our vibration as well as the people we attract and the situations we experience.

Release – Let Go

Release those things are no longer serving your highest good or supporting your growth and healing. When we release something or someone that is non-resonant with who we are, it gives us freedom.  It also provides an opportunity for the other person to grow, to look at themselves and make new choices for themselves.  If they do not, then it was an opportunity for them to decide they did not want to change.  Never lower your vibration to accommodate the needs of others.


When we let go of something, we create a vacuum space within which needs to be replaced with something. Replace destructive habits with healthy ones like a daily dose of kindness and compassion for ourselves; toxic people with supportive, like-minded people who respect and honour you; and other people’s beliefs with our own truths.

Know Your Truth – Speak Your Truth 

This is a hard one for many people as we were raised to be ‘seen and not heard’. Let’s break that belief!  How can you manifest your hopes and dreams if you do not know what they are, or you do not put a voice to them?  Dream big.    Express – paint, dance, sing.

Own Your Responsibility

The things that happen in our reality require our consent and participation.  It is never about the other person.  It is always about us.  Victim Mentality Consciousness puts the responsibility for the reality of our life in the hands of someone else.  It is only possible if you give them the power over you.  Own Up to Your Responsibility, Take Back Your Power and Change Your Life.

Be Your Best Friend

The inner critic is our worse enemy. Be your own best friend.  Treat yourself how you want to be treated by others.  Honour your needs refusing to set them aside for the sake of others.  Be kind to yourself when you make a mistake…we all do as humans.

Healthy Boundaries

Boundaries are important for everyone. They keep the ‘yuck’ out and the good in.  They set limits for others, protect your needs and bring respect into a relationship.

Healing Support

When we join others who are on the same journey of healing and self love there is a sense of encouragement and hope. We are not alone in this journey.  We do not have to do this alone.  This may be found in fitness groups, healing circles, book clubs and any other interest group that tickles your fancy.  One-On-One Sessions also provide deep clearing, transmuting and transformation of lifelong issues.  See some options below


You are worth every ounce of energy you invest in yourself. This energy is never wasted. The dividends are endless and enormous.  Make the commitment to self-love daily; to habits and a lifestyle that is both energizing and uplifting.  What a positive and beautiful way to show yourself the care, respect and love that you have always desired and to receiving this from others.


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