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Like many people, I have spent much of my life wondering who I ‘really’ was and what my purpose was in this lifetime.  The modalities that I offer have had the greatest personal impact on my personal life bringing deep and profound transformations at a Soul level.  Without a doubt, I know who I am, my purpose and the direction my life is going in.  These services are valuable tools to assist anyone working on clearing trauma, core wounds and grief and connecting to their Soul Light and Purpose.  They are especially useful for  Starseeds, Lightworkers, and Gridkeepers in the Ascension process or for those seeking to raise their Soul vibrational level.

Quantum Access® unlocks the pathway to a profound understanding, awareness and embodiment of one’s Soul nature; leads to the discovery of our Soul gifts; and aids us in our service to others while manifesting a purpose-full and joy-filled, abundant life.  As we clear the trauma, pain,  density in our auric field and body (mental, physical, emotional and spiritual), our vibrational frequency up levels.  We are less affected by the triggers and expectations of others and experience the freedom of living our Soul’s joy.  Quantum Access®  can be experienced in one-on-one sessions for deep clearing; as a daily practice of meditation that brings us into the NOW moment or in groups.  I have used this modality in my personal life for the past two years as well as in group gridwork and now as a Level 2 Certified Practitioner offering one-on-one private sessions.

Soul Realignment® (Akashic Records) is a protocol in working with the Akashic Records.  It takes a deep look into the profile of the Soul and identifies the blocks and restrictions preventing one from living their Soul’s life and purpose. The information is gathered from the Records and given to the client in a private session by Skype, Zoom or phone. It involves 21 days of clearing intentions which the client carries out on their own after the session. This certification was accomplished in late 2017.  Since then I have completed advanced practitioner (Levels 2 and 3).    

Both of these modalities are unique and dependent on what the client is looking for. They have assisted me in developing a beautiful connection to and journey with my Soul.  Life’s challenges are handled with more confidence. I approach life as a Sovereign Being knowing I am fully supported by my Higher Self and Spirit Guides in my life purpose, health and prosperity.  

My services are fully in alignment with the Universal Law of Sovereignty, honouring your journey and working with you to achieve your Ascension goals.

For over 25 years in the ‘helping professions’, I have been assisting in the healing and recovery journey those who have experienced life losses, and traumatic events or in a palliative (end of life) journey.  Working in this field brought a deeper level of understanding to my own traumatic life events and a profound compassion and passion to helping others take the next steps on their Ascension pathway.  Please join me on this amazing journey of the heart and soul. 

“One’s philosophy is not best expressed in words; it’s expressed in the choices one makes…. And the choices we make are ultimately our responsibility.”

– Eleanor Roosevelt

Working with Katie

Step 1.
Choose the ServiceQuantum Access® or Soul Realignment© and send an email to book.

Step 2.
All services are designed to build on each other.  Continue with Quantum Access® or choose from Next Steps for Soul Realignment©.

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Live your full potential!