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Ascension Tool for Starseeds, Lightworkers, Gridkeepers

Quantum Access® uses the Sacred Geometry of Metatron’s Cube to integrate our Soul’s energy inward and release incongruent energy outwards. This process of Alchemy unlocks time compression and particle density, a major factor limiting our ability to clear trauma, release core wounds, ancestral patterning and ego shadow by neutralizing the gravitational field around our bodies and auric field.

Quantum Access® Meditation practiced daily can assist in neutralizing polarities found in daily living – feminine/masculine, success/failure, logic/creativity, love/hate, victim/persecutor, inferior/superior,  ego will/divine will; release deep core wounding, triggers, 3D matrix programming; open our psychic connections and 3rd eye lens; and bring in our Soul’s Ascension timeline, our path of light and purpose for this lifetime.

Quantum Access ® is the most effective method to unlock trapped emotional, mental, chemical information from the cells where it gets stored and stuck sometimes for several lifetimes.  Through gradual healing and clearing of dense trauma, ancestral patterning and core wounding, we evolve into higher 5th dimensional frequencies, open communication with our Higher Self, our Guardian and Gatekeeper to the Unified Field of all possibilities and experience deep
Soul embodiment.

Soul integration or embodiment is crucial to the expansion of consciousness allowing us to move beyond the ego mind to work from the heart centre of unconditional love and compassion.  Embodiment of the Soul was foundational to the sacred tradition of Alchemy taught in Ancient  Mystery Schools, the path of spiritual purification and transformation; the expansion of consciousness; and the development of insight and intuition.

Quantum Access® Modality was developed by Meg Benedicte who discovered that tapping into the phi spin of Metatron’s Cube allowed the release of dense, debilitating energies creating a vacuum state within the chakra channel, the body and the auric field allowing the Soul to descend penetrating deep into the molecular level. This spin momentum clears the density from the chakra channel and raises our vibrational level to reach and experience the highest frequency of our Higher Self, our Guardian and Gatekeeper to the Unified Field of all possibilities. Using the Infinity Figure 8, we are able to create a zero point field, the place of non-polarity within ourselves.  Monks attempted to achieve this state of ‘Bliss” through years and years of seclusion and meditation. This modality makes it available to us NOW. 

I have inserted a short video from Meg Benedicte to assist your understand of Quantum Access® and take you through a sample Meditation that can be used daily.  To delve more deeply into the Unified Field of all possibilities, it is recommended to book a session of Quantum Access®.  An 20% introductory discount on single sessions is offered until January 31, 2010.  Include this Code Quantum20 when sending your booking email.  

I have used Quantum Access® since Jan 2018.  I could write a whole blog on the transformation that has occurred in my life on all levels.  In this short time, I have been able to achieve a deep inner peace that I had searched for this entire lifetime.